Wednesday, December 16, 2009


SO.... I am supposed to be doing a give-a-way this week on here! MIGHT not happen this week. Finals are over, I just have a few issues with the end result I am trying to work out. So I must prioritize my time and work quickly.

Therefore, I am not writing much and will have to put the give-a-away on the back burner. Maybe Monday? :)

I apologize for bursting the bubble of anticipation! :) Just know it will be soon!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

wasting time!

Well... here I sit, in my little study room at the Library Station. The employees probably think I should start paying rent for this room! I have been here more in the last 2 weeks than I ever have in my life! Why? FINALS!! This is IT! Today was the LAST day of class for 3my 3rd semester of Nursing school. I am sitting here drinking the largest cup of Panera Hazelnut coffee I could order, shoes off, books, papers, pens spread out all across the table. My name has reserved this room for the next 3 hours. I will be meeting classmates here for the next 3 days in preparation for Monday's FINAL test of the semester!
I am scared to death to take it, excited to tackle it, afraid I will make dumb decisions, yet know I will slide into my last semester. I knew Nursing school would be hard...but seriously?! I need some Xanax! Every semester I feel like my motto is "I just need to pass this semester!" When all I do is study!

This is it...down to the wire. All of my projects, papers and patients have been taken care of. My dad is here to help take care of Aubrey and Justin while I'm in this little study room for the next, what feels like, 72 hours. If you're reading this...PLEASE say a prayer for me at 7:30 on Monday morning. I know God has allowed me to come this far and he will carry me the rest of the way. I WILL rest in his peace and know that He will guide my decisions on test day. I just hate all of the anxiety that accompanies my studies!

And I sit here, wasting time writing about it! Back to the books!!!!

(Watch for my December give-away next week!!!)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

holiday lights

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. A day full of family, food and fun! A day where you can stuff yourself silly and not feel bad because, 'it's just the thing to do!' I LOVE this time of year. There is a joyful spirit common among people that isn't always there the rest of the year!

We are rapidly approaching the Christmas season. Or are we in full swing of it now? Shoppers, stores, sales, commercials, lights strung across homes, trees in the windows, ornaments decorating lawns. Yes, we are in fast motion, full speed ahead into the busiest time of year!

I am VERY excited this year, more than last. It is SO much fun to be a parent during the holidays, but even more fun the older your child gets. Last year Aubrey had fun unwrapping presents and seeing the tree up. But already she is SO excited to see christmas lights on houses when we drive past. 'CWIS-MAS LIGHTS!!!!! BLUE ONES....AND AND....WHITE ONES. OOOOOH THERE'S MORE!' are words SCREAMED from the back seat every time she sees them! Once in a while I will take a detour on the way home to drive past her favorite blue lights. Since the weather was so warm this weekend, I took advantage and hung our icicle lights on the deck. Aubrey makes CERTAIN they are on when it gets dark outside!

She runs to the window saying "Lights Mama....lights!"

Aubrey has two Christmas programs to be in this year! And we are practicing the songs like crazy! I can't believe within the next 2 weeks, I'll be one of 'those' parents with the video camera in the front row and my little girl all decked out for the holidays. She'll probably be really shy and won't want to sing...or she might be out of control with energy and eat up the attention! Either way, you will probably be seeing pictures!

Friday, November 20, 2009


This has been a big week for me. Sort of. You reading this may not think so. This was a week of 'reflection' for me. Reflecting and evaluating EVERYTHING I have on my plate and remembering to be so thankful and blessed for everything and everyone in my life.

I stepped down from my job as part time receptionist at the retirement village I have worked at for almost 2 years. I have never quit a job before, so this was NEW territory! No, it's not a hard job, but it does take up 2-4 days/evenings of my week. The other 3 days of my week are consumed with school. So where do Aubrey and Justin fit in? Hm. In the spare moments I have that I'm not washing clothes/dishes, showering or sleeping. So...something had to give. It couldn't be school or family or I gave up my job.

This week was my 2nd and last week on the Oncology (cancer) floor at the hospital for clinicals. Last week I witnessed the joy and excitement of a patient being discharged to go home and spend time with his wife and 5 year old daughter. I had the privilege of being able to hear his plans for them as a family in the coming weeks. Despite his diagnosis, pain and sickness, he was still VERY hopeful and positive for the future. This week I had the privilege of caring for a gentleman with terminal cancer, in his last days. It is amazing to me that these cancer patients are the most sick and have the most to be sad and grumpy about and yet they are the most joyful, fun spirited people! I don't know if my patient is still with us or if he has passed on. But I do know that for 4 1/5 hours yesterday, I focused all of my attention, care and nursing skills on him. I was there when he needed a hand to hold because he felt lonely, I was able to joke with him about our favorite football teams, I was there when his toes needed tucked under the covers to keep them warm and I was there to get him ice chips with 'flavor' b/c he was not able to swallow anything. It took every ounce of energy for him to be able to speak 2 words. But the warm smile he was able to give spoke volumes. And probably vice versa.

After caring for these two patients, I began to reflect upon my life. Yes, school is only for a season. Yes this schedule is only for a season...but why make it more hectic and stressful than necessary?! I will now be able to focus more on school, which I only have one semester left! I can focus on being a mommy and a wife a little more now! Enjoying family and life....simply life.... that's what it's all about!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


You guys made this SO INSANELY HARD! Of course I LOVED all the comments about ME! Megan's comment about her 'hot' husband is hysterical! Jason being held at GUNPOINT by his wife to comment on it. Sarah saying I'm the 'bestest' friend ever! And Teara, your husband 'bringing a smile to your face every night...well not EVERY night', LOVE IT!

SO...THIS IS HOW IT WENT DOWN.....4 names on a list, 'eenie, meenie, miney, moe', 5 different times, 5 different patterns, marked an 'x' by the name who showed up the most....

The prize goes to: JASON RHODE! Keep it for yourself, even though PUBLICLY you DENY using MK, or you can give it to the hostess of your Thanksgiving dinner! :) (I will e-mail for your address)

Before you stop following my blog because you DIDN'T WIN....KEEP IN MIND, there is ANOTHER giveaway in DECEMBER!!!!!! And I promise you won't want to miss out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's that time of year...HOLIDAY time! In exactly 2 weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! YAY! I LOVE the smell of the Thanksgiving meal cooking, getting together with family, talking, laughing, reminiscing and lining the countertops with food and then not knowing what to do with it when we're all stuffed silly! My favorite time of year are the months of November and December. There seems to be a 'joy' among people that isn't always there.

So, in the spirit of being 'thankful', I am giving away a GIFT!

It includes: an oven mitt, kitchen towel and a Mary Kay
'Satin Hands' Hand lotion !!!
You can keep it for yourself, or give it to your Thanksgiving dinner Hostess!

How can you be eligible to win?!
List 5 reasons you are 'thankful'
this Thanksgiving.

You have until Saturday, midnight (11/14/09) to post your list!
(This gives me time to mail it to you if needed, BEFORE turkey day!)
(If you don't happen to win and you want one, I make/sell them for $12, shipping is free)
Don't forget to look for a December giveaway!


Friday, November 6, 2009

down to the wire

'Getting down to the wire' as people semester and school career are 'getting down to the wire', sort of. I have about 5 weeks left of this semester! YIKES! And am registered for next semester and applied for GRADUATION!!! AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

It makes me nervous that in May, after I have my Diploma and pass the State Boards, I will be a Registered Nurse! I will be legally allowed to take care of and administer medical attention to people! Give them IV medication, teach them how to live a healthier life, be there for a mommy who just had her first baby and doesn't know what to do with herself, be there with the family when a loved one has passed on. All of these things propel me further into pursuing my dream of being a Nurse...all of these things frighten me in pursuing my dream of being a Nurse.

I know God has opened the doors and brought me this far for a reason, so I will honor His will by doing my best, especially when it 'gets down to the wire' in May! But I'm still nervous! :)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to help with the care of a patient who had both legs amputated mid thigh. It was surreal to see a person with a fully functioning upper body, but nothing past the mid thigh. The patient had a VERY positive attitude and motivation for life. Something I would not expect from someone who does not have the use of their legs, or legs at all for that matter. This positive attitude was encouraging. It just made me stop and think about how THANKFUL and BLESSED we should be to have our health. Sure we have problems along the way, but at least I haven't had to give up any limbs and massively adjust my way of living!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

picture update

It's been a while since I've posted pics of Aubrey. Here is a collection of a few over the last month or so....

She selected the LARGEST chocolate chip cookie to 'snack' on!

Tea for Two with Bella!

Little fairy princess for the Harvest Party!

This is the result of a campfire cook out with mama and daddy! A little bit of hotdog, a LOT of ketchup, a few chips and a marshmallow or two are all beautifully displayed across her precious face!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

little mockingbird

As a mother, I am learning something new from Aubrey EVERY day. Each day brings more independence than the day before, more imagination and creativity and more words that some times come with surprise.

A few weeks ago Aubrey and I were driving home from Springfield. We were about 1/2 mile from our house and I hear a little impatient voice from the back seat say "GO CARS GO...I GO HOME!!!" Once I heard that, I remembered just a few days before that, her and I were on our way home and I was so exhausted, I just wanted to be home! I said "COME ON CARS! GO! I want to go home!"

A mockingbird with the memory of an Elephant is my daughter!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

flashing lights

If you've followed my blog at all... you know it has been quite some time since I have written anything NEW! School has swamped my schedule! If I'm not sitting in class, I'm running through the halls of the hospital, or doing mass amounts of paperwork in order to run through the halls of the hospital.... at my part time job or trying to catch up on some laundry and time with Justin and Aubrey! How i do it all.... I have NO IDEA except to say....ONLY BY GOD'S HELP!!!

Anyhow, this past Thursday-Sunday was 'Fall Break' for school. SO, myself, Aubrey and my very good friend Sarah and her little boy Josiah packed up and headed to IN and OH. Aubrey and I stayed at my parents house in IN and Sarah and Josiah stayed at her parents house in OH. She was able to fit in a couple of photoshoots, check out her site at . We were able to get a little 'home' time, which I have DESPERATELY been in need of. Just a break to get out of good old Springfield. I don't make it home much these days...lucky to get once a year in!

BUT BEFORE WE HIT THE INDIANA STATE LINE...actually before we hit the middle of Springfield, not even making it OUT of the city.... I looked in my review mirror and there was a nice policeman with his LIGHTS ON, pulling ME over! My heart sank! I saw Justin rambling on at me for draining our bank acct on a ticket! I asked Sarah " What did i do back there? Did I run a red light? What's the speed limit? We're fastened in....the kids are fastened in..." I was VERY confused and so was she! I pulled into a parking lot and he came up to my window. My heart was NOT racing because I knew for a FACT I did NOTHING wrong! I was ready to wheel and deal with this guy! Here's how the conversation went:
Policeman: Good afternoon ma' this your car?
Me: yes. (confused and stunned he would ask this question! do I REALLY look like a THIEF?!)
Policeman: Do you have insurance on it?
Me: yes sir - (what kind of crazy question is that?!)
Policeman: Did you know your plates are expired?
Me: (my mind racing through the past few months, and flipping through any notices...the car plates are due in can they be expired?!!! I RENEWED THEM!) Uh, nooo....
Policeman: Ma'am, may I see you license and insurance ?
Me: Sure (and i hand him my license....well this guy is pretty bent on the fact Sarah and I and two 2 year olds just STOLE this car! So he walks back to his car to run my license and didn't stick around to check the insurance)
While he's in the car running my license.... as I rummage through the nice little car manual folder in the glove box....there in the front pocket is my receipt of renewal in June of 2009 AND the 'june 10' RENEWAL STICKERS! I WAS SO RELIEVED! It ALL came back! It was raining the day i renewed, and who wants to put stickers on in the rain? NOT ME! So I safely put them in with the receipt...and FORGOT to put them on the plates.
2 minutes later.....
Policeman: Here's your license says you renewed
Me: ha...yes, here's something I believe may be important! (showing him my brilliant discovery! trying to lighten up the guy!)
Policeman: Well you need to put those on .... I guess I will let you go
Me: Thank you, I will put them on RIGHT now! (thinking 'GUESS?!'......GUESS NOTHING!....YES YOU WILL LET ME GO! I MADE AN INNOCENT MISTAKE!)

And I jumped out after he got in his car and put them both on for him to observe!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

would you like a little morphine?

I just realized it's been AT LEAST 2 weeks since I posted something on here! YIKES!

You know what that means? SCHOOL has begun! And the STORIES will begin...actually right now in this post.

This week was my first week of clinical rotations at the Hospital. I have to be honest, I was NOT looking forward to this semester of school. Due to the fact they 'release' you a little more on the floors, don't hold your hand QUITE so much. Pretty much you are responsible for your patient, the instructor and nurse is around for guidance, but you're on your own for charting procedures performed, vital signs checked...etc etc.

So what did I do this week besides take temperatures, blood pressures, pulses and respirations?
#1 - Pushed some IV medication. If that isn't intimidating and scary I don't know what is! Knowing you are responsible for anything that happens with the liquid running through the line of the IV into the person's veins!!! YIKES!

#2 - Removed a drain tube from someone's back! Yes...REMOVED it. Pulled it out!
People think I'm crazy when I say it was 'fun'. Not sure if I would survive in the nursing field if I didn't get excited about this stuff! :)

I was an absolute NERVOUS WRECK the first day and a little today. But the more stuff I had to do, the better I felt. I hope I get a lot of experience this's going to be a fun one!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

doll in daycare part #2

Well, Aubrey has had 2 days in Joyland and really likes it thus far! Only one potty accident, takes a great nap at naptime, has had fun in craft time and working on successfullly getting her pants up and down at bathroom break!

I rushed home from work on Thursday to find out what Aubrey's teacher had to say about her first day... this is how it went:

Justin: "Aubrey had a great first day! Her and Jaeydin were buddies all day. At one point on the playground, Aubrey went on her own to play and Jaeydin couldn't find her. Jaeydin went to the teacher crying because she couldn't find Aubrey. They found Aubrey and the girls played together for a while longer. Aubrey DID get in trouble though"
At this point my heart stopped!! WHAT? MY DAUGHTER IS CAUSING TROUBLE ALREADY?!! "For what?!" I asked. Justin: " Well, it seems like at naptime Jaeydin and Aubrey were on cots next to each other, and they wouldn't stop talking. So the teacher moved them and they had to nap on opposite sides of the room!"

WHEW! I thought.... "at least she only got in trouble for talking at nap time!"
Ha! It just shows she's a TRUE girl! Chatty chatty!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a doll in daycare

As promised in my previous and an update on day care!

Let's start with the most difficult: Daycare! Who was it more difficult for today, Aubrey or myself? MYSELF! I felt like my child was starting Kindergarten! Once everything was labeled with her name, I packed her back pack with an extra change of clothes, a portable fold up potty seat (b/c her rear is tiny even for the 'toddler' size toilets), packed a Wal-Mart bag with a box of Kleenex and wipes to share with the class, her blanket and pillow. Out the door we went! We've been telling her for about a week now that she would be going to a place called 'Joyland' and she would meet new friends, have a teacher, eat a snack, play games, take a nap and have fun. I'm at work right now, so I'm anxious to see how she did for her first day.

Us leaving didn't seem to phase her. There was another little girl in there that she knows, so she sat by her and waved 'bye'. That made mama feel better. But when we walked away I felt like the most horrible mother! Thoughts raced through my head "I can't believe I'm leaving my child for someone else to take care of and she going to listen to her teacher? Will they help her get her pants up and down? What if they get impatient with how particular she is with everything?! What if she thinks I've abandoned her?!" Ugh. I KNOW it's best, she's ready for more structure and socialization and I NEED her to be there while I'm in school. It's only for a season and she'll benefit well from it I know!

On to the more fun subject: PICTURES! Here is a collection of recent pictures of the princess!

modeling mama's shoes

we have goats, a horse, chickens and turkeys....and this is what she does around the animals at the fair!

a true artist is very messy!

playing with a few of her cousins on her new swingset!

being silly in a pair of p.j's she received for her birthday

wearing a hairbow she got for her birthday
from Kelli

Monday, August 17, 2009


This post is just a ramble of miscellaneous items...i think you MIGHT find them entertaining.

#1 - Pulled off Aubrey's 2nd birthday party on Saturday w/o a hitch! I was stressing about the color coordination...but in the end, it all looked great and everyone had a nice, relaxing time. Even I had a relaxing time...once I was finished being in the spotlight w/ Aubrey opening presents and blowing out the candle. I HATED when it was time for 'Happy Birthday' to be sung and opening of presents. The two main events at a birthday party and I HATED them both when I was a child. Why? Because it meant I was the center of attention and had to sit there and endure it. My next post will be ALL pictures of her birthday.

#2 - Aubrey starts day care on Thursday. I feel like she's going to Kindergarten. I'm having a hard time dealing with this issue and will expand on it more Thursday!

#3 - Today I pulled into a parking spot, the hood of my car was white like it should be, went into the store, walked out of the store 20 minutes later and the hood was half brown/green/textured!!! What ever bird it was had some GI UPSET to say the least and decided to leave it ALL on the hood of my white car! Usually bird droppings are maybe 1/2 inch in diameter....each of the 10 drops were probably 2 inches in diameter, not to mention a lovely green/brown! But then a nice washout of a rainstorm came through and cleaned the hood of the car for me!

# 4 - Looking for faces in the Springfield area who want a facial! I sell Mary Kay on the side for fun and my goal this month is to facial 15 faces! The month is more than half over and I've only done 2! If you know anyone in the area or if you are in the area and want a little pampering, let me know! I need to meet my goal this month! AND I need a little bit of 'girl' time!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

back to reality

AGH! I am back!! Our hectic gone a week, home a week, pack, un-pack, re-pack, jet-outta-here schedule is OVER!!! It's been a great summer, but I'm exhausted!

The past week and a half was spent in Orlando Florida. We spent 4 days working with 600 kids at 'Kids Council' along with a number of other Children's Pastors/Workers from around the country. Once our 8a.m. - 11:00p.m. running crazy was over on Friday, we met up w/ Justin's brother and his girlfriend to spend some relaxing time at Epcot and Typhoon Lagoon. We were water logged at the water park and walked our feet off at Epcot. We spent two nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge...if you EVER have a chance to go...GO! It is so nice and they have the BEST South African Buffet for dinner. Expensive? YES! Worth it? Let's just say if Justin would pay for it, it's WORTH every penny! We stuffed ourselves SILLY with the best food I've ever eaten! One of my favorites on the buffet was the 'watermelon/tomatoe salad'. Sounds weird, it was watermelon/cherry tomatoes in a vinegar dressing with bleu cheese. AMAZING!

Aubrey stayed home and split her time between Justin's mom and my parents. She handled the time away from us very well...until we arrived back home. Now she won't let mama OUT OF HER SIGHT! This mama isn't going ANYWHERE again without her. I enjoyed the break from mommyhood for a short time...but her reaction is enough to keep me home forever! It was SO nice to walk around Epcot, listening to OTHER people's children throw fits and have meltdowns because they were too little to be there, too hot and missed naptime! I think I said 'glad that's not me!' 20 times! Some day we'll take Aubrey to Disney.

She turned '2' while we were gone!!! The party is this Saturday. It's a rather big birthday for her. She's entering the stage where she's outgrowing so many toys and on the small side for BIG toys....but between mama/daddy, papa/grandma, grammie, and aunt/uncles.... she's getting a swing set for the back yard and a kitchen set for her playhouse we're in the works of building. So much fun stuff going on!!!

I'll post pictures!

Friday, July 24, 2009

potty training?!!!

WELL!!! I must say July has been THE BUSIEST month of the year thus far! First week we spent in St. Louis, came home began potty training. The next week we packed up and went to kids camp, came home, unpacked, kept up with potty training. We're now at home for a week and then Justin and I are OFF yet AGAIN for a trip to Orlando. Partial business, partial vacation. Miss Aubrey will be staying here in Springfield, dividing her time between Grammie (Justin's mom) and Grandma and Papa (my parents). All of these activities are VERY fun, but I'm ready for school to start up! I am ready for a SET SCHEDULE and STRESS!

As far as potty training goes.... I keep looking for the day it's going to back fire on us! But we're heading into week #3 and have had maybe 4 accidents! Mornings and naptimes are dry, she's excited for stickers on her chart for potty and bracelets on her arm for poopy! I was dreading the whole potty training time, but it's actually been fun. She's picking up on it quickly and can hold it longer than a camel! This just means we're crossing another milestone in her life.... makes me happy and sad! Once again, the heartstrings of a mama are being tugged at tightly!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

long time no write

I just realized it has been A LONG TIME since i've written on here. Give me a little bit and I'll catch you up on the happenings! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Miss Independence

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with food, family and fun!!

We celebrated last night with a cookout and the company of good friends!
Aubrey had a special '4th of July celebration' dress courtesy of Shelly Stout (
Here are a few pics of her in it courtesy of Sarah Carter ( So cute and summery and will continue to fit her as she grows


Thursday, July 2, 2009

And the Winner is....

Well, there are TWO winners! I just couldn't have ONE winner. So kitty has a 'first' and 'middle' name. Some people could post on my blog, others went to my Facebook. SO the name of the kitty is 'Bella Buttons'. Congratulations to Meghan Musy and Kayla Waggoner!

Thanks to everyone for your vote! I had a lot of fun reading your suggestions and through it finding new blogs to follow! I wish i could send ALL of you a free lipgloss...really I do! Maybe I can send you all samples! :)

I will have more giveaways to come....stay tuned!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

luscious lips

Never attempted this before... a CONTEST! Who ever can come up with the BEST name for 'kitty' (pictured below in previous post)...i'll send you a lipgloss out of my Mary Kay stash!! And 'kitty' will walk around proudly sporting the name you picked for her!

Who can't use a new, free lipgloss?! I'll end this little contest on Thursday, July 2nd. You've got plenty of time!

new addition

I bet you thought you could scroll down and read that our 'new addition' is another baby on the way... ha! Not even a consideration until I have my RN license IN HAND!

But our newest addition to the 'farm' as people like to call it, is a kitty! She was hanging around one of my co-workers homes and they couldn't keep her, so I brought her to our house. I said 'survival of the fittest...if she stays...good. If not, life goes on'. She decided to adopt our home.

Aubrey LOVES the kitty! She always wants to feed, pet and find her! The kitty hides from Aubrey. I think Aubrey is a little too loud for kitty's liking. But she loves me and is warming up to Justin...of all people!

Right now we just call her 'kitty'. I had a name picked out for her, but it's too long for Aubrey to pronounce and Justin hated the name. So 'kitty' will have to do!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ironies of motherhood

It's been a while since I've written. And not that anything fun HASN'T happened, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write! Or should I say I haven't TAKEN the time to sit and write!

Justin and I were out of town for a few days this week. Aubrey stayed at my sister-in-laws house for those 3 days. She was able to hang out with her Aunt/Uncle and 5 cousins! The story I received was that she never had to lift a finger and never slept in the room by herself. Everyone fought over who would get to play with Aubrey next! The car ride home, her eyes were glazed. She played so hard wtih all of them and had a wonderful time! Thanks to Jeff and Angelia for watching her!

I was reading in my 'Parenting' magazine today and the very last page caught my read:
"Top Ten Ironies of motherhood". Usually I don't pay attention to these things because I'm not interested in what it has to say...but today, I was interested. Here are a few of my favorites

#10. Tough as it was when your child clung to you at the entrance of her pre-K. It's worse when she hisses, 'don't kiss me!' as you drop her off in fourth grade.

#8. You spent years begging your child to eat veggies, then last night she called you a murderer for serving steak.

#3. How your son is his basketball team's MVP - but heaven forbid he could get a pair of socks in the hamper.

#2 You ask your child to share toys and she won't, but if Dora the Explorer asked her to remove somone's pancreas, she'd grab a scalpel.

#1. That you could miss your little one so much all day at work, but be unbelievably relieved when he falls asleep an hour after you get home.

All of these are too true! What ironies! What enjoyment in life that children bring us as mothers!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big girls sleep with teddy bears....

Well, this day has been coming for 22 months now...the day I say 'we are free from the paci'!! Letting those words out makes me cringe a little. The precious piece of plastic and rubber, in all sorts of pretty colors, has been such a symbol of security for both Aubrey and myself, to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt Aubrey will sleep peacefully through the now gone.

BUT... according to her Dr. we should have been rid of the paci 4 months ago. My goal was to be rid of it by this August. Aubrey met in the middle, compromised and got rid of it at 22 months.

So, 2 weeks ago tonight, I took the paci from her crib, put it in my pocket and snuggled with Aubrey. I handed her the teddy bear she likes to sleep with. She asked for the paci and I said, "Big girls sleep with teddy bears and babies sleep with paci's... you're a big girl, so you get to sleep with your teddy bear. No more paci." I'm not sure she knew what to think about that. But it worked! The paci is safely hidden in her sock drawer, so when the day comes for MOMMY to give it up, I will toss it in the trash.

My mom always said 'when she's ready, she'll give it up...' I guess the timing was right...and I can officially say WE'RE RID OF THE PACI! Thank you for your service and full nights sleep for myself and Aubrey! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ketchup and broccoli please

These two pictures represent a 22 month old little girl who ate ALL of the steamed broccoli on her plate! I didn't drown her broccoli in ketchup, just lightly dipped it in and gave it to her. Not really enough to taste on there. But she ate it... and THAT'S the important thing!
Looked gross, but whtever it takes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer fun!

Today was family pool day! Willard, the town we live in, built a brand new pool this year! Aubrey would live there if we would let her! Once she was layered in SPF 55, sporting her sun hat and big belly, we hit the water! Here are a few pics of today's fun in the sun.

Miss 'Impatient' - waiting in line to pay so we can swim! She wanted to cut in front of everyone!

SO excited to actually be IN the water!!!

Daddy flying her around the water

Snack time!

All swam out... ready to go home!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue mouth mama! yummy yogurt
first ALL white dress! yikes. Stayed white the first sunday worn!

getting ready to play at the park....had to have the babies bottle for whatever reason!

pushing the wagon with grandpa...easier on grandpa than pulling it with her in it! :)

someone wanted to play 'ghost'

I decided today I needed to post some pictures of Aubrey. Her picture hasn't been on here in a while. If you wonder why Justin and I are not plastered on here, it's because no one really cares what we look like, an update now and then is great, but all of you are interested in the one little person who consumes every part of our heart, mind, daily life and everything we are! We would be LOST with out Aubrey!

Friday, May 22, 2009

so weird...

My friend Sarah reminded me that Aubrey can say 'so weird' as well. Myself, Aubrey and Sarah were shopping the other day and Aubrey did something silly...I said 'Aubrey, you're so weird...' and she replied 'soo weirrrdd'.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Joys of growing up!

With each new day, Aubrey does something new and different to surprise me. She is growing fast, too fast for my liking. So much has happened this week involving her 'advancement' of age and development, makes me excited and sad at the same time!

First off, we had to fit her for new shoes, the next size up...and found out that she has indeed inherited her mothers NARROW feet! Ugh! I remember my parents putting out the $ for NARROW shoes! So annoying and hard to find anything 'cute' to fit. So far so good w/ Aubrey, but no more running to Wal Mart for a pair of 'kickers'...they will fall off her feet!

Second, she's beginning to put two words together. So far we have 'bye- bye', 'golf course' and 'two flies'. Random words I know...but they are still two words together and her Dr. will be impressed come August for her next check-up.

Third, she gave her baby doll a VOICE last night! She will be 2 in August and I'm pretty impressed with this one! We were in Justin's office and she was carrying her baby around, talking to her and kissing her, like any good mommy. Then Aubrey stood by the door, waved and said 'bye bye', in role play, I said 'bye bye', she then lifted the babies arm, waved it and in a voice different than her normal voice said 'bye bye'. I ERRUPTED IN LAUGHTER! It was the funniest moment of gold! Where was the video camera? Not available! Oh, it was SO cute!

Fourthly, this morning I was in the kitchen and Justin was walking down the hallway, when we heard a huge 'THUD' from Aubrey's room. She had proceeded to climb out of her crib, only to fall and land flat on her back! It knocked the wind out of her and scared her for a life time! She's fine, but I bet it won't happen again!

The joys of growing up!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

missing mom

I'm a little sad today. It's a BEAUTIFUL sunny spring day and I am wearing pink to support the beautiful weather. But I am sad because I miss my mom! She stayed with us for the past 3 weeks, taking care of Aubrey, the laundry, dishes and cooking, so I could completely focus on my last few weeks of school and pass! This morning I felt a little out of sorts, waking up and her not being there getting Aubrey's breakfast ready. The room she stayed in is unoccupied and I don't have the weekly task of writing out my schedule so she knows roughly where I will be when, in case she needs to get a hold of me.

Justin and I are both SO grateful she offered and stayed with us. Gave up her own schedule to do what she felt needed to be done. In her words 'that's what mother's are for!' I don't know how to EVER thank her enough! She wins mom of the century award!

You don't realize how much you value family until you live 10 hours away!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am free from 4:30a.m alarm clock every wednesday, sitting for 8 hours straight in a classroom on tuesdays, learning medications i can't pronounce on mondays, denying friend inviations to do 'something fun' because i have to study. FREE until August 24th to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want! Second semester nursing school is over and i get to spend my summer with Aubrey! Nothing else I would rather do!

Passed the finals, not solely on my own...that's for sure!

My mom has been here the past few weeks taking care of Aubrey, cooking and laundry. I am SO blessed to have such a thoughtful and wonderful mom! I loved that we were able to spend mother's day together. I think it is the first mother's day together since I've been married... that's EIGHT mother's days I have not shared with her! It was time for at least one!

I am ONE year away from graduating Nursing school! yikes!

But for now...i will focus on being 'free'! :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

complete trust?

the countdown is on... less than 48 hours until my first final and somewhere between 48 and 60 hours before my second final!

Nervous? Yes!
Studying? Like crazy!
Depending on myself to make it through these tests? NO!

I finally decided it would be best to let God run with this one. I have been making myself SICK just thinking about finals. Weighing every option, panic stricken with fingers flying back and forth across the number pad on the calculator...trying to figure out to the 10th of a percent what i absolutely HAVE to have on the final to pass each class!

So today I decided, why give myself ulcers, headaches, nausea, sleep deprivation and no appetite?! Why am I killing myself over this stuff...this is NOT what was originally planned.

Why not just hand it over to God and say 'here you school is in your guided my steps to get me here, I'm here for a reason, being a Nurse is my passion, you won't lead me astray. I place it all in your hands, guide me the day of finals, bring back to remembrance what I have studied, I put my faith and trust in you...'

If that isn't the hardest thing to do! Giving up our own control and desires to be independent and 'fend for ourselves'. The way God created us...but He also created us to love and trust Him. HE guides us through life, if we'll ONLY LET HIM...this is one of those times!!

Here we go! The clock is ticking!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This is what I want to say to my Dr. today... "XANAX PRESCRIPTION!! STAT!" (that's nurse code for NOW!)

3 days of class this week (Mon 9-12:00, Tuesday 7-3 and Wed 6:00-4:30) = 2 tests, 2 quizzes, 1 ten page paper and MORE lecture to add to our lovely and ever expanding PILE of notes to 'review for finals'

Next week...Finals.. Monday @ 9 a.m. and Tuesday @ 8 a.m.

What happens this Thurs through next Monday at 9 a.m.?!

How will I EVER remember everything? Already invested in a little $9 bottle of Gingko...thought to increase memory by increasing blood flow to the brain...I think I need more than just a little blood flow to the brain! :)

But, with a little prayer and faith...God will be my guide and I will trust Him to guide my pencil to mark the CORRECT box! I just have to stick with the plan and not argue with myself come test time!

...Sounds simple....

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am taking a break from typing a paper... only to do MORE typing! THIS is therapeutic typing.

So this weeks highlight = The Pig Auction

Yes, a PIG auction. It all started when my sis-in-law decided to be on the mission of buying a pig...not just any pig, she wants a PINK pig! Not sure if she will find a PINK one, but whatever she wants is fine with me. Her kids will have fun with it. SO, my dear husband has taken it upon himself to find his nieces/nephews a pig! This in return means scowering the internet, penny power and wooden nickel papers for auctions and sales.

Sunday night he flies in the door and says ' What are you doing Tuesday night?!' Since it is my last 2 weeks of school, my soul is SOLD to studying and completely focusing on school. Doing anything socially is OUT OF THE question! I replied 'studying...why?' He informed me WE were going to a PIG auction at the same auction place I bought Jake's saddle/tack. I just sank in my chair at the disgust of another insane idea from my husband! I said 'WHAT?! I AM NOT GOING TO A PIG AUCTION!!' His reply ' you have to go with me, there will be scary people in tight wranglers there...I need you for protection!' Once again, I denied his invitation. The more he asked, the more IRRATE I became. I just COULD NOT understand WHY he was placing a stupid pig auction at a level more important than MY NURSING CAREER?!!

I slept on it and finally after begging and pleading on Monday afternoon, I succumbed. I thought 'We hardly done anything together all semester, I can study all the way there, which was a 45 minute ride, and all the way back' ... reluctantly I told him 'yes, I will go to the crazy pig auction with you!'. I sat through school from 7-3 on Tuesday thinking the whole time 'I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THIS CRAZY AUCTION!'. We met up at the appointed time, dropped Aubrey off at Grammie's (Justin's mom) so Grandma (my mom is staying with us until I am finished with school in 2 weeks) and Grammie could visit. We jumped in the truck and took off for the Auction barn! Yahoo!

On the way there he pulls into this pizza joint we've eaten at before, but it's always been with our 'groupies' and never just 'us'. He said we needed to eat, but didn't want to eat Auction barn food. Sounds good to me! We walked in and there was a big group of our friends.. 'SURPRISE!'

It was a surprise birthday party for me! THERE WAS NO PIG AUCTION!!! It was his smooth ploy to get me to go!! I seriously had NO idea! Usually I can find holes and strings to his lies... but not this time! He kept a GREAT secret!

It was a nice evening, away from the books and in a little bit of socialization with some of my favorite people!

Monday, April 27, 2009

perfect + perfect = PERFECT!

This past weekend was my birthday as mentioned previously in my last entry. I had a wonderful day, made a little $ at a rummage sale, then grilled 2 perfect NY strip steaks and 2 bacon wrapped filet mignons on my birthday present... a new grill! The evening was spent with Justin, Aubrey and my mom/dad. PERFECT!

To make it even MORE perfect, my mom CLEANED my house! If you know me, I am a clean freak. But with the heavy load of school this semester, some things have to be left until after the floors and dusting were just a few to name. You know I'm swamped when I can just 'let' the cleaning go!

And to ADD to the above 2 perfects... my mom is staying down here with us until after my finals! To take care of Aubrey and the bare necessities that take up precious study time! What an amazing mom! What amazing parents I have!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


3 weeks left of the semester and i'm done w/ school for the summer! So exciting, but it's crunch time! Time to omit my social life and buckle down for the home stretch! My parents are down this weekend. Grandpa is driving back to IN on Sunday and leaving Grandma to babysit Aubrey while I dig in the trenches for school. I'm so RELIEVED to have them here and to have her for the last few weeks! I'm so excited to one day be a nurse! Excited that I wish i didn't have another year of school, but scared to death I ONLY have one year of school!

Well, this Saturday is my birthday. Excited? Maybe, who doesn't like to be acknowledged at least once a year? One year shy of 30... people say turning 30 was the hardest year for them. Hm...I'm not sure I will feel the same. I think I will look back and reflect on ALL I have done in my 20's! I think the older you get, the more educated, dignified and classy you get! I think it's called 'being seasoned'. Because we should continuously learn, so each year, we know more than the year before, have experienced new and different experiences than in the past and get to deal with whatever life brings our way.

A gas grill is on my birthday list this year. Usually it's just a gift card for a massage or a salon. But this year, I want to be able to grill out!!! And not have to rely on Justin's charcoal grill he got free from the church campground that doesn't cook any type of food thoroughly, even after 30 minutes! :)

Reflecting on my upcoming birthday, I sat at my desk here in the nursing home tonight, observing couples where one partner lives here in the home and the other lives at 'their' home. The ones who struck me tonight were a couple who look fairly young, maybe 60 if that, I believe his wife has suffered a stroke. She understands what is going on and what you are saying, but she can't talk. She is in a wheel chair. Her husband is faithful to come everyday when he gets off of work. Today, I think was a hard day for him to handle. He brought her down to see the birds and look out the windows. He is a quiet man, but cordial. Probably works in a factory. I always tell visitors 'goodnight' or 'have a nice evening'. Tonight when I told him to 'have a nice evening', I didn't get a smile and a 'same to you'. His eyes looked sad, he just nodded and walked out. I thought 'how difficult a situation like that must be! what will it be like in 40 years? Will I be in a nursing home and Justin at our home or will it be the opposite? Please Lord, let it be the opposite!' But whatever situation it is, I hope we will always have the strong committment and dedication these husbands and wives have to whom ever is a resident in this nursing home!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here it is again! Thursday! Time for me to blog... but I don't really know what to say! I guess i could just say a lot of randomness:

It's been a good week.
Nothing exciting happened on the Pediatric floor. And if it did, I missed it!!
I met with my instructor about needing motivation for the last 4 wks of the semester.
Motivation = NOT wanting to re-take this semester (a.k.a. May 15th, 2010 IS GRADUATION DAY!)
She told me I will make a great nurse!
The weather is beautiful today, sunny and 68, the heat is off at our house and windows OPEN!
I am wearing teal, spring green and strappy black dress sandals to celebrate the warmth!
My mom made it home safely from a wonderful week of staying with us.
I miss my mom & dad. But mom/dad will be back next week for my birthday.
My birthday wish = a gas grill!
I love my husband and little girl!

And that's that!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It is day 4 of my mom being down here... and it is going by too extremely fast! The time she is spending with Aubrey is priceless! She keeps telling me that Aubrey is leaving her 'with so many wonderful memories'. I appreciate so much that she came to spend a week more less with Aubrey, b/c Justin and I certainly have not been around to be much company! I didn't realize until this week just HOW busy we REALLY are!! And to that I say 'I AM EXHAUSTED!' I am exhausted with laundry, dishes, picking up around the house, feeding animals, being mommy, being wife, being a nursing student! I just want one day to sleep! One day to not have to think about the hustle bustle of life! My header may read 'simply life' but what you don't read that is 'between the lines' is 'Simply CRAZY HECTIC BUSY Life'. And yet, I would be bored to tears if I didn't have all that I have on my plate. I keep telling myself, 'this too shall's only for a season!' I think I need to engrave it on my forehead!

This week I was on the Pediatric floor for clinicals. Not quite sure how I feel about being with sick little kiddos. I stand on neutral ground. I was so NERVOUS to do ANYTHING...and we're CHILDREN'S PASTORS, in charge of over 300 Nursery - 5th grade children at our church. I stand in front of the kids and teach lessons and act silly weekly...and yet I couldn't walk into a sick 2 week old babies room w/o my Instructor for the first time yesterday. Sick kids make me nervous! Maybe it's not the kids I'm afraid of, I think it's the parents. I am excited though to go back next week... maybe I can play some catch or blow a bunch of bubbles with a sweet child who needs to have a few minutes to NOT think about his or her exhaustive, hectic, sick schedule!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

it could be worse

Well, here it is Thursday evening! Upon reflecting on my week, all I can see is SICKNESS! I've been so sick all week, head, nose, throat, congestion, stomach, grumpy intestines, no voice... you name it, I've had it! At least that's what it feels like! But my voice is slowly making a come back and I'm on the road to recovery! In the words of my mom ''it could be worse!''

I managed to survive my clinical day yesterday up on the Post Partum floor with all of the new mom's and babies. I have to say right now, if I HAD to choose somewhere to work as a Nurse, this might just be the highest ranking pick! I enjoyed the OR, but I am really enjoying taking care of the moms and babies. For some mom's just the most simple suggestion on how to hold the baby while she feeds him or her makes me the heroin! She acts as though I am a sight for sore eyes and just gave her the BEST advice she's ever heard in her life! I love taking care of them!
Next week I start my 4 week rotation on the Pediatric floor. I'm a little nervous, I don't know how I'll handle really sick little kiddos. My mom thinks I will do wonderfully because I am already in the 'kid' field at Church, plus she says I 'just have a way' with the kids. We'll see how much of a 'way' I have with them next week!

Speaking of my mom, she's coming to visit!!!! Sunday she will fly down to stay with us for the entire week. Sunday Aubrey and I will road trip to Kansas City to pick her up at the airport! I'm so excited. For future reference, in our house and our speech we refer to my parents as Grandma & Papa (what Aubrey calls him, still waiting on a creative name for Grandma from her) so I am not speaking of MY grandma/grandpa. Anyhow, we love it when Grandma & Papa visit. This time though, Papa has to stay home (don't start feeling bad for him, he lived down here the summer I had Aubrey, it was great! Now it's Grandma's turn) It's hard living 10 hours from home, especially the older I get and now that we have Aubrey, I just want to be closer to family. If only we could cut out our 6 acres and move it to Indiana on a spatula! Oh well, at least there are trains, planes and cars to get us to our loved ones! In the words of my mom '' it could be worse'' :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

heart ache

Here are a FEW of Aubrey's 18 month pictures. She is getting so big! I cannot believe how grown up she is. Time flies by... at every stage I want her to stay that age, but she continues to be more fun the older she becomes! Parenting is SUCH a heart ache!

By the way check out Sarah Carter is the one who did Aub's pictures, if you like them and want her to do some for you... let her know!

special delivery

The day I have been waiting for ALL semester... a clinical day spent in Labor & Delivery (L & D)!! Yesterday was it... 5:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. I shadowed two nurses and observed 3 deliveries and assisted in the measurements/care of one of the newborns! The first delivery was at 7:09a.m., they came into the hospital at 6:05 a.m. and baby girl was born at 7:09a.m.!! Mom was, in her husband's words 'Sheera'! She had no pain medicine until afterwards, wasn't enough time for it to take effect beforehand. All I heard out of her were a few grunts and a squeek. About 20 minutes of pushing, baby was here!

Now all semester every girl in the class has been concerned about the only GUY in our class rotating through L & D. He puts up w/ a lot from us in class, but a woman in labor? Him and I were in the first delivery yesterday morning and i'll have to say he did a GREAT job! He was really interested in helping take care of the baby, which is the 'Star' Nurses job. I placed him behind me against the wall, JUST in case he should pass out, the wall could catch him, and I wouldn't have to! I told him to 'watch his facial expressions'...i didn't want him making a 'grossed out' face so mom in labor could see! As the baby is coming, I look over and he's bent down trying to find a better view around the Dr so he can watch the birth! Then he was right up at the warming table with the star nurse taking care of the baby! He did wonderful! And later admitted he thought it was cool, but will stick to his original plans of becoming a Nurse Anesthesist and just give these ladies their epidural!

HE did fine....everything is over, Dr. is taking care of mom, nurse is taking care of baby, mom and dad are overjoyed, I have tears in my eyes b/c it is SUCH an amazing experience and priviledge to be in the delivery room! And then it hit me! All of the sudden my skin went ghost white, I felt like it was 100 degrees in the room, I was seeing stars, everything was looking darker and my legs were getting weak.... I was on the road to passing out! WHY? I HAVE NO IDEA! Nothing grossed me out, I kept moving my legs and didn't lock my knees....I just knew i HAD to get OUT OF THE ROOM! But how was I going to do that with weak legs...I don't know, I just DID! I slipped out quietly and made my way to the nurses desk and sat down, took some deep breaths, looked at the floor and kept telling myself 'DO NOT PASS OUT...DO NOT PASS OUT!!' I went and sat in the bathroom for a while and ran cold water over my hands/wrists. Once back out at the desk one of the other nurses saw me, my color being more white than a ghost, and took me back to get some orange juice and crackers. She asked me if I ate breakfast. What kind of a question is that?! OF COURSE I ATE BREAKFAST! I don't LEAVE the house w/o food! It had only been 2 1/2 hours since I ate, but she said that was just enough time for my blood sugar to start to drop. So my instructor found me and said that with some people, it just happens. Even though I wasn't conscioulsy thinking anything, chemically and subconsciously my body PROBABLY couldn't handle the situation of another human in so much pain.

Then I was just mad at myself! How rediculous is this?! A NURSE who ALMOST passes out....I can't be doing that?! So I made it a goal to observe as MANY deliveries as possible and overcome this crazy thing! And I watched 2 more births! NOT a problem with either of them! Watched the whole thing and felt fine!

The sight of a baby being born is unlike anything I've ever experienced! My baby being born was an amazing experience, she was a c-section, but it's different when you're JUST observing! I had tears in my eyes with each delivery, performed deep breathing techniques and even held my breath and 'pushed' when the mom's did! The human body is so intricate and detailed! God is AMAZING for creating us the way He did! How it all works blows my mind! As much as I liked being in L & D, I don't think I want to make it my occupation. I would rather work on the new mom and baby floor, after all of the most critical stuff is over! :) If someone asked me to be a part of her labor and delivery, I would be there in a HEART BEAT...but for it to be my profession, no thanks! Maybe at a later time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

self centered

If you happen to notice that I am 'following' myself, in the box to the right under 'followers'... some how i clicked on the 'follow' button and added myself to the list. No, I don't have a large ego...nor am I so obsessed with myself that I have to follow my own blog. I don't know if i can get myself off the list! ha! silly me! This is the result of a non-regimented spring break schedule! My mind is making my hands do crazy things!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was so impressed with myself this morning. I made a 'coffee volcano' and it wasn't even for an object lesson in KidZone! I swung by McDonald's to grab a McCafe on the way to work, and it was nice and hot, but by the time I reached my desk, it was NOT so hot. So I ran to the kitchen and popped it in the microwave. The lid was still on, but i tucked the little flap back so steam could escape. I kept thinking, 'just a little longer, I want it good and hot, once I sit down at my desk, I won't be getting up'. A minute and a half later I watched the 'volcano' erupt all over the recently cleaned microwave!. Half my coffe was flooding the bottom of the microwave. Luckily I ordered a 'medium', so I still had plenty left. What a sight!