Monday, April 27, 2009

perfect + perfect = PERFECT!

This past weekend was my birthday as mentioned previously in my last entry. I had a wonderful day, made a little $ at a rummage sale, then grilled 2 perfect NY strip steaks and 2 bacon wrapped filet mignons on my birthday present... a new grill! The evening was spent with Justin, Aubrey and my mom/dad. PERFECT!

To make it even MORE perfect, my mom CLEANED my house! If you know me, I am a clean freak. But with the heavy load of school this semester, some things have to be left until after the floors and dusting were just a few to name. You know I'm swamped when I can just 'let' the cleaning go!

And to ADD to the above 2 perfects... my mom is staying down here with us until after my finals! To take care of Aubrey and the bare necessities that take up precious study time! What an amazing mom! What amazing parents I have!

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