Monday, August 17, 2009


This post is just a ramble of miscellaneous items...i think you MIGHT find them entertaining.

#1 - Pulled off Aubrey's 2nd birthday party on Saturday w/o a hitch! I was stressing about the color coordination...but in the end, it all looked great and everyone had a nice, relaxing time. Even I had a relaxing time...once I was finished being in the spotlight w/ Aubrey opening presents and blowing out the candle. I HATED when it was time for 'Happy Birthday' to be sung and opening of presents. The two main events at a birthday party and I HATED them both when I was a child. Why? Because it meant I was the center of attention and had to sit there and endure it. My next post will be ALL pictures of her birthday.

#2 - Aubrey starts day care on Thursday. I feel like she's going to Kindergarten. I'm having a hard time dealing with this issue and will expand on it more Thursday!

#3 - Today I pulled into a parking spot, the hood of my car was white like it should be, went into the store, walked out of the store 20 minutes later and the hood was half brown/green/textured!!! What ever bird it was had some GI UPSET to say the least and decided to leave it ALL on the hood of my white car! Usually bird droppings are maybe 1/2 inch in diameter....each of the 10 drops were probably 2 inches in diameter, not to mention a lovely green/brown! But then a nice washout of a rainstorm came through and cleaned the hood of the car for me!

# 4 - Looking for faces in the Springfield area who want a facial! I sell Mary Kay on the side for fun and my goal this month is to facial 15 faces! The month is more than half over and I've only done 2! If you know anyone in the area or if you are in the area and want a little pampering, let me know! I need to meet my goal this month! AND I need a little bit of 'girl' time!

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