Thursday, April 2, 2009

it could be worse

Well, here it is Thursday evening! Upon reflecting on my week, all I can see is SICKNESS! I've been so sick all week, head, nose, throat, congestion, stomach, grumpy intestines, no voice... you name it, I've had it! At least that's what it feels like! But my voice is slowly making a come back and I'm on the road to recovery! In the words of my mom ''it could be worse!''

I managed to survive my clinical day yesterday up on the Post Partum floor with all of the new mom's and babies. I have to say right now, if I HAD to choose somewhere to work as a Nurse, this might just be the highest ranking pick! I enjoyed the OR, but I am really enjoying taking care of the moms and babies. For some mom's just the most simple suggestion on how to hold the baby while she feeds him or her makes me the heroin! She acts as though I am a sight for sore eyes and just gave her the BEST advice she's ever heard in her life! I love taking care of them!
Next week I start my 4 week rotation on the Pediatric floor. I'm a little nervous, I don't know how I'll handle really sick little kiddos. My mom thinks I will do wonderfully because I am already in the 'kid' field at Church, plus she says I 'just have a way' with the kids. We'll see how much of a 'way' I have with them next week!

Speaking of my mom, she's coming to visit!!!! Sunday she will fly down to stay with us for the entire week. Sunday Aubrey and I will road trip to Kansas City to pick her up at the airport! I'm so excited. For future reference, in our house and our speech we refer to my parents as Grandma & Papa (what Aubrey calls him, still waiting on a creative name for Grandma from her) so I am not speaking of MY grandma/grandpa. Anyhow, we love it when Grandma & Papa visit. This time though, Papa has to stay home (don't start feeling bad for him, he lived down here the summer I had Aubrey, it was great! Now it's Grandma's turn) It's hard living 10 hours from home, especially the older I get and now that we have Aubrey, I just want to be closer to family. If only we could cut out our 6 acres and move it to Indiana on a spatula! Oh well, at least there are trains, planes and cars to get us to our loved ones! In the words of my mom '' it could be worse'' :)

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  1. I remember when the nurse told us her "secret" for burping Madigan in the hospital. We thought she could walk on water! =0) You will do great wherever you work!

    And I must say I understand your desire to be close to family. I can't imagine not seeing my parents every week, especially now that I have a little one. Have fun with your mom.