Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am taking a break from typing a paper... only to do MORE typing! THIS is therapeutic typing.

So this weeks highlight = The Pig Auction

Yes, a PIG auction. It all started when my sis-in-law decided to be on the mission of buying a pig...not just any pig, she wants a PINK pig! Not sure if she will find a PINK one, but whatever she wants is fine with me. Her kids will have fun with it. SO, my dear husband has taken it upon himself to find his nieces/nephews a pig! This in return means scowering the internet, penny power and wooden nickel papers for auctions and sales.

Sunday night he flies in the door and says ' What are you doing Tuesday night?!' Since it is my last 2 weeks of school, my soul is SOLD to studying and completely focusing on school. Doing anything socially is OUT OF THE question! I replied 'studying...why?' He informed me WE were going to a PIG auction at the same auction place I bought Jake's saddle/tack. I just sank in my chair at the disgust of another insane idea from my husband! I said 'WHAT?! I AM NOT GOING TO A PIG AUCTION!!' His reply ' you have to go with me, there will be scary people in tight wranglers there...I need you for protection!' Once again, I denied his invitation. The more he asked, the more IRRATE I became. I just COULD NOT understand WHY he was placing a stupid pig auction at a level more important than MY NURSING CAREER?!!

I slept on it and finally after begging and pleading on Monday afternoon, I succumbed. I thought 'We hardly done anything together all semester, I can study all the way there, which was a 45 minute ride, and all the way back' ... reluctantly I told him 'yes, I will go to the crazy pig auction with you!'. I sat through school from 7-3 on Tuesday thinking the whole time 'I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THIS CRAZY AUCTION!'. We met up at the appointed time, dropped Aubrey off at Grammie's (Justin's mom) so Grandma (my mom is staying with us until I am finished with school in 2 weeks) and Grammie could visit. We jumped in the truck and took off for the Auction barn! Yahoo!

On the way there he pulls into this pizza joint we've eaten at before, but it's always been with our 'groupies' and never just 'us'. He said we needed to eat, but didn't want to eat Auction barn food. Sounds good to me! We walked in and there was a big group of our friends.. 'SURPRISE!'

It was a surprise birthday party for me! THERE WAS NO PIG AUCTION!!! It was his smooth ploy to get me to go!! I seriously had NO idea! Usually I can find holes and strings to his lies... but not this time! He kept a GREAT secret!

It was a nice evening, away from the books and in a little bit of socialization with some of my favorite people!


  1. The best part was all of us watching you walk in the door and then walking PAST us! Thanks for agreeing to go to the pig auction! Justin did a GREAT job of keeping a secret. Hurry up with these next two weeks so we can party more!

  2. That is so sweet of Justin!! I just hope you made it up to him for being so difficult to convince. haha

    Happy Birthday and PLEASE GOD help your semester get over soon.