Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was so impressed with myself this morning. I made a 'coffee volcano' and it wasn't even for an object lesson in KidZone! I swung by McDonald's to grab a McCafe on the way to work, and it was nice and hot, but by the time I reached my desk, it was NOT so hot. So I ran to the kitchen and popped it in the microwave. The lid was still on, but i tucked the little flap back so steam could escape. I kept thinking, 'just a little longer, I want it good and hot, once I sit down at my desk, I won't be getting up'. A minute and a half later I watched the 'volcano' erupt all over the recently cleaned microwave!. Half my coffe was flooding the bottom of the microwave. Luckily I ordered a 'medium', so I still had plenty left. What a sight!


  1. oh, are turning into justin :)

  2. I am Sarah's friend... great story. don't you love those moments? i dropped lasagna all over our beige carpet a few weeks ago. i just looked at the mess and knew it would take forever to clean up. i cleaned it up though. :)