Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big girls sleep with teddy bears....

Well, this day has been coming for 22 months now...the day I say 'we are free from the paci'!! Letting those words out makes me cringe a little. The precious piece of plastic and rubber, in all sorts of pretty colors, has been such a symbol of security for both Aubrey and myself, to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt Aubrey will sleep peacefully through the now gone.

BUT... according to her Dr. we should have been rid of the paci 4 months ago. My goal was to be rid of it by this August. Aubrey met in the middle, compromised and got rid of it at 22 months.

So, 2 weeks ago tonight, I took the paci from her crib, put it in my pocket and snuggled with Aubrey. I handed her the teddy bear she likes to sleep with. She asked for the paci and I said, "Big girls sleep with teddy bears and babies sleep with paci's... you're a big girl, so you get to sleep with your teddy bear. No more paci." I'm not sure she knew what to think about that. But it worked! The paci is safely hidden in her sock drawer, so when the day comes for MOMMY to give it up, I will toss it in the trash.

My mom always said 'when she's ready, she'll give it up...' I guess the timing was right...and I can officially say WE'RE RID OF THE PACI! Thank you for your service and full nights sleep for myself and Aubrey! :)

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