Thursday, May 21, 2009

Joys of growing up!

With each new day, Aubrey does something new and different to surprise me. She is growing fast, too fast for my liking. So much has happened this week involving her 'advancement' of age and development, makes me excited and sad at the same time!

First off, we had to fit her for new shoes, the next size up...and found out that she has indeed inherited her mothers NARROW feet! Ugh! I remember my parents putting out the $ for NARROW shoes! So annoying and hard to find anything 'cute' to fit. So far so good w/ Aubrey, but no more running to Wal Mart for a pair of 'kickers'...they will fall off her feet!

Second, she's beginning to put two words together. So far we have 'bye- bye', 'golf course' and 'two flies'. Random words I know...but they are still two words together and her Dr. will be impressed come August for her next check-up.

Third, she gave her baby doll a VOICE last night! She will be 2 in August and I'm pretty impressed with this one! We were in Justin's office and she was carrying her baby around, talking to her and kissing her, like any good mommy. Then Aubrey stood by the door, waved and said 'bye bye', in role play, I said 'bye bye', she then lifted the babies arm, waved it and in a voice different than her normal voice said 'bye bye'. I ERRUPTED IN LAUGHTER! It was the funniest moment of gold! Where was the video camera? Not available! Oh, it was SO cute!

Fourthly, this morning I was in the kitchen and Justin was walking down the hallway, when we heard a huge 'THUD' from Aubrey's room. She had proceeded to climb out of her crib, only to fall and land flat on her back! It knocked the wind out of her and scared her for a life time! She's fine, but I bet it won't happen again!

The joys of growing up!

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  1. Don't forget "so weird" comment she said the other day! Hilarious!