Friday, March 26, 2010


Some days I am overwhelmed with the blessings I have in my life! I know we should be thankful and grateful EVERY day, but some days remind me more than others to really recognize it.

This past week was spring break, actually today is the final day of it, very sad. But Aubrey and I made a trip home to my parents in Indiana. It was a long drive of 11 hours. Aubrey is quite the little traveler. I packed her with books, toys and a portable DVD player. What on EARTH did we do without portable DVD players on long road trips?! Some day when I tell her mommy did not have any of that, she probably won't believe me!

Being back home where I grew up made me think about how far I have come in life. I am so thankful to have pursued the life God has laid before me. I cannot imagine my life any different! It is a little odd that back in IN, everyone knows me as Cami and knows me as how I grew up. Everyone down here in MO, knows me as Camille and only how I have been the past 12 years since I moved away from IN. I feel like I have two separate lives. The one in IN for 18 years and the one in MO for 12 years. Odd, but it all comes together and makes up who I am now. And everything mixed in makes for a LOT to be thankful for and blessed!

So if you are reading this and you live in IN, around my home town and knew me growing up, but did not have a chance to see me... I am sorry! There are always SO many people to see and when I go home I just want to relax. My life is on the go every day down here. Slowing it down up there is a WONDERFUL thing! It is hard to not see everyone...but know you are thought of often!

Dorothy couldn't have said it better when she closed her eyes, tapped her heels and said 'there's no place like home!' I have 2 homes to say that about! Each with a different meaning and multiple different blessings!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

little Chef

Saturday mornings are always my favorite mornings to cook breakfast! This morning Aubrey woke up a little earlier than usual. I think she could read mama's mind! So her and I hit the kitchen before 8 to whip up some blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs with cheese and cook some sausage patties. (I am NOT a fan of sausage, but my brother-in-law made the sausage patties and there wasn't an ounce of grease in the pan at the end!)

Aubrey put on her apron and hat and went to town!

Aubrey was quite the little Chef in the kitchen today! Very conscious of listening for the timer to 'beep' so we could pull out her handiwork and eat it! In the midst of being so excited to make and eat her muffins, she had a few bites of the paper it was baked in. So, I had to show her how to 'unwrap' the muffin before she ate it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

like mama, like daughter...

2 years ago I took up the fun business of selling Mary Kay. I don't do it for the Cadillac and I don't pester you about the product. I do it simply because I love the product and have used it since I was about 16....thank you Mom! My view is 'you know I have it, if you love it and need, you will let me know', otherwise, I let it go. It's fun to meet new women and practice my love of art and color on their beautiful faces.

With that being said, Aubrey has seen her share of mommy and make-up. Below you will find her carrying out what she sees on her little friend Martha. Who by the way was her first client. Mommy and Daddy don't count! :)

Thanks Martha for being such a beautiful little model!