Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's that time of year...HOLIDAY time! In exactly 2 weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! YAY! I LOVE the smell of the Thanksgiving meal cooking, getting together with family, talking, laughing, reminiscing and lining the countertops with food and then not knowing what to do with it when we're all stuffed silly! My favorite time of year are the months of November and December. There seems to be a 'joy' among people that isn't always there.

So, in the spirit of being 'thankful', I am giving away a GIFT!

It includes: an oven mitt, kitchen towel and a Mary Kay
'Satin Hands' Hand lotion !!!
You can keep it for yourself, or give it to your Thanksgiving dinner Hostess!

How can you be eligible to win?!
List 5 reasons you are 'thankful'
this Thanksgiving.

You have until Saturday, midnight (11/14/09) to post your list!
(This gives me time to mail it to you if needed, BEFORE turkey day!)
(If you don't happen to win and you want one, I make/sell them for $12, shipping is free)
Don't forget to look for a December giveaway!



  1. 1. A hard working and loving husband
    2. The cutest two year old - Josiah
    3. My 1905 bungalow
    4. My Canon 40d
    5. ALL my friends

    AND one more - Camille - the bestest friend ever. (that should count for extra points :) ha.

  2. 1. I am thankful for my great friend, Camille (oh wait, Sarah already took that one as a bonus still counts, right?).
    2. I am thankful for my hot husband. Ha. Seriously, though.
    3. I am thankful for all my friends and family, near and far.
    4. I am thankful that even though most of #3 are far away, I still am pretty connected.
    5. I am thankful that someone invented brownies.

  3. 1. Another year of health and happiness

    2. A daughter that brings a smile to my face every day

    3. A husband that brings a smile to my face every night (well, not EVERY night lol)

    4. A mom who is making all the meat and potatoes even though I am hosting turkey day.

    5. Chocolate

  4. 1. My health
    2. My job
    3. Every day I have been given
    4. My wonderful daughter
    5. My beautiful and amazing wife (who is making me for signing-up for this Camille so it doubles her chance of winning. I don't really use Mary Kay hand lotion :)