Saturday, June 19, 2010

my hat rack is full!

When I attended CBC back in the day to acquire my Children's Ministry Degree, I had to take a music class! HA! If you know me, you KNOW I don't have an ounce of music intelligence! But our professor had us read a book about the 'many different hats you will wear in the ministry'. This week, my 'hatrack' was maxed out! Here is a list of the different hats I wore in a 5 day period:

1. mommy

2. wife (celebrating 9 years with my hubby!)

3. children's pastor's wife (this is separate than 'just' wife)

4. counselor for the green team (for day camp)

5. van driver

6. tour guide

7. nurse

8. mary kay consultant

9. dishwasher

10. launderer

11. teacher

12. secretary/receptionist

12! 12 hats this week! I AM EXHAUSTED! Loved every minute of it, but I would like a break next week please!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

body guard please!

I have been filling in at the retirement home I used to work part-time with. Just on an 'as needed' basis. I sit at the front receptionist desk taking phone calls, sorting mail, trouble shooting random questions, playing 'banker' for residents and just trying to keep people happy on the front lines.

Residents in the nursing home come down in their wheel chairs and walkers to see the birds or look around. One particular cute little lady with white hair, glasses and weighs not more than 100 lbs came down in her wheelchair the other day to say 'hi' and to look around. While she was down here, a gentleman came in to wait for someone he had an appt. with. He stood around for about 5-10 minutes before leaving for his appointment. I noticed the resident had stopped just on the other side of my desk and set there, not really doing anything, just sitting facing the gentleman and the door.

After he left she wheeled over to my desk and this is how the conversation went:

Resident: Did you know that man?

Me: No

Resident: I didn't think so. I could tell he's the kind who could cause trouble

Me: Oh yeah? Well he was just waiting to meet someone.

Resident: (not hearing what I said) I decided to kind of hang around up here just in case you needed anything. I can tell when someone is up to no good.

Me: Well, I am so glad you did! You could have run him over with you wheelchair if he tried anything huh?!

Resident: -Laughing- 'Yes I could!'

She wheeled past the desk on her way down the hall, looking over her shoulder in a very concerned and matter of fact tone stated:

"Now I'll be down the hall, just around the corner. If you need anything, you holler"

And she wheeled off down the hall, around the corner.

I was SO relieved I had a bodyguard at my beckon calling!

These people make me smile!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 fun facts

So one of my blogging friends inspired me to do a 'fun facts' list about myself...a random array of 12 facts you MIGHT NOT know about me! I always think these are fun to learn about different people...I like to see what I have in common with others...and what I don't!
Read....learn....and enjoy!

#1 - I am an only child. This is why I put it at's a lonely number. Now I wasn't lonely growing up, my parents had plenty of things packed into my schedule to I was very good at entertaining myself (as I have passed this gene to my child!)

#2 - I love to eat popcorn and dill pickles together! Salty + salty = thirsty...I know. But the juice from the pickle soothes your thirst for a while. TRY IT!
#3 - My favorite color is Red. I don't have a STITCH of red in my closet b/c I don't think I look good in the color! But my kitchen and hallway look beautiful and homey in red! I like the boldness of red!
#4 - My favorite store in the entire world? TARGET! If we lived closer, our bank account would be $0! And I would probably be living on my a cardboard box on the street!
#5 - I used to CRY when school was cancelled! YES cry. Ask my mother! I LOVE SCHOOL! Have loved it since pre-school. I grew up in IN and if there was a snow storm forecasted, I ran downstairs to the kitchen window in the morning to look for the school buses parked across the street at the gas station. If they were there, I knew there was school. A few drivers ALWAYS went to this certain station for coffee every morning. I've been out of High School for 12 yrs....and a few buses STILL park there in the a.m. (I check when I visit home!)
#6 - Eyes, dirty teeth and toe nails give me the willies! I'm going to be a nurse, so I better shape up on this one! (This is why I am NOT an Opthamologist, Dentist or Podiatrist!)
#7 - I ENJOYED every second of my pregnancy with Aubrey! Even the times I was so tired I curled up under Justin's desk in his office, just to close my eyes and rest for 10 minutes! And for a year after Aubrey was born, whenever we drove past the Hospital, my eyes filled with tears!
#8 - I can't handle people who drive 5-10mph UNDER the speed limit! I have places to go and people to see, I want to get there in a timely fashion!
#9 - My favorite homecooked meal: Smoked sausage, mashed potatoes and creamed cabbage. Mmmmm....comfort food! If you've never had it, I'll cook it for you some time!
#10 - My favorite grade in school...ALL TIME... was 2nd grade! (And it's not just b/c I still keep in touch with my teacher) It is because OF the teacher! I tell kids that once in a while who are going into 2nd grade or who are 2nd graders.... you should see some of the looks I get. I say "Oh you're in second grade?! I'm still in school and THAT is my FAVORITE grade of all time!" Ramona Quimby and Ralph S. Mouse explains it all.
#11 - Grass, especially new spring grass hitting my bare feet for the first time of the season, TICKLES my feet like crazy! Has always tickled since I was little!
#12 - And last but not least.... I drive a big 4x4 Dodge Ram, quad cab truck! I have to be able to haul my horse and my child!
There you have it...12 fun facts about myself! Don't you feel like your day is complete?

Monday, June 7, 2010

fancy toes

Summer is JUST around the corner! For the next 2 weeks, through June 21st, I am promoting 'Pedi Parties'! Mary Kay has come up with a CUTE CUTE YUMMY Pedicure set. The limited-edition Mary Kay® Pedicure Set gives you all the essentials in a rosemary mint scent. The Relaxing Foot Soak cleanses and refreshes tired feet. The Soothing Foot Balm provides intense moisturization and soothes dry skin. The Foot File/Brush exfoliates and smoothes rough areas on your feet. Mix all of this with satin lips and satin hands... you have yourself a refreshed lady with 'fancy toes'!

If you're interested in doing a 'Pedi Party' with me, you can e-mail at or find me on Facebook!

Don't YOUR feet need a little attention?!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a new cell phone please!

Having children is ALWAYS an adventure. In our house there is never a dull moment unless Aubrey is sleeping. But even then it is questionable!

We converted Aubrey's crib to a toddler bed over 2 weeks ago. So far, she's done WONDERFUL with it! She has a sticker chart, so each morning if she stays in her 'big girl bed' all night and doesn't have a potty accident during the night, she gets a sticker for her chart and a 'treat' (a.k.a 1 pc of candy). A week out we draw a picture of what she is working toward, ie. the zoo, camping with daddy in the back yard and this week she is working toward a new 'cell phone'.

Why a new 'cell phone'? Little miss decided to run around the house in her 'big girls' (a.k.a underwear) and nothing else. Well, big girls don't come equipped with what is a girl to do with her cell phone? Carry it in her hands? Surely NOT! The best place to carry it is IN your big girls!

Next thing I knew Justin carried her around the corner of the kitchen, Aubrey crying with soaked 'big girls', Justin laughing and confused and the play cell phone....well, you can guess where it was! So needless to say she was not only upset about having a potty accident but also the fact mommy threw away her beloved cell phone! I tried explaining to her that she can't keep a cell phone that has been pottied all over and IN!

The next goal we are working toward by sleeping in our big girl bed all night for the next few days is a NEW TOY CELL PHONE! YAHOO!