Sunday, August 23, 2009

doll in daycare part #2

Well, Aubrey has had 2 days in Joyland and really likes it thus far! Only one potty accident, takes a great nap at naptime, has had fun in craft time and working on successfullly getting her pants up and down at bathroom break!

I rushed home from work on Thursday to find out what Aubrey's teacher had to say about her first day... this is how it went:

Justin: "Aubrey had a great first day! Her and Jaeydin were buddies all day. At one point on the playground, Aubrey went on her own to play and Jaeydin couldn't find her. Jaeydin went to the teacher crying because she couldn't find Aubrey. They found Aubrey and the girls played together for a while longer. Aubrey DID get in trouble though"
At this point my heart stopped!! WHAT? MY DAUGHTER IS CAUSING TROUBLE ALREADY?!! "For what?!" I asked. Justin: " Well, it seems like at naptime Jaeydin and Aubrey were on cots next to each other, and they wouldn't stop talking. So the teacher moved them and they had to nap on opposite sides of the room!"

WHEW! I thought.... "at least she only got in trouble for talking at nap time!"
Ha! It just shows she's a TRUE girl! Chatty chatty!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

a doll in daycare

As promised in my previous and an update on day care!

Let's start with the most difficult: Daycare! Who was it more difficult for today, Aubrey or myself? MYSELF! I felt like my child was starting Kindergarten! Once everything was labeled with her name, I packed her back pack with an extra change of clothes, a portable fold up potty seat (b/c her rear is tiny even for the 'toddler' size toilets), packed a Wal-Mart bag with a box of Kleenex and wipes to share with the class, her blanket and pillow. Out the door we went! We've been telling her for about a week now that she would be going to a place called 'Joyland' and she would meet new friends, have a teacher, eat a snack, play games, take a nap and have fun. I'm at work right now, so I'm anxious to see how she did for her first day.

Us leaving didn't seem to phase her. There was another little girl in there that she knows, so she sat by her and waved 'bye'. That made mama feel better. But when we walked away I felt like the most horrible mother! Thoughts raced through my head "I can't believe I'm leaving my child for someone else to take care of and she going to listen to her teacher? Will they help her get her pants up and down? What if they get impatient with how particular she is with everything?! What if she thinks I've abandoned her?!" Ugh. I KNOW it's best, she's ready for more structure and socialization and I NEED her to be there while I'm in school. It's only for a season and she'll benefit well from it I know!

On to the more fun subject: PICTURES! Here is a collection of recent pictures of the princess!

modeling mama's shoes

we have goats, a horse, chickens and turkeys....and this is what she does around the animals at the fair!

a true artist is very messy!

playing with a few of her cousins on her new swingset!

being silly in a pair of p.j's she received for her birthday

wearing a hairbow she got for her birthday
from Kelli

Monday, August 17, 2009


This post is just a ramble of miscellaneous items...i think you MIGHT find them entertaining.

#1 - Pulled off Aubrey's 2nd birthday party on Saturday w/o a hitch! I was stressing about the color coordination...but in the end, it all looked great and everyone had a nice, relaxing time. Even I had a relaxing time...once I was finished being in the spotlight w/ Aubrey opening presents and blowing out the candle. I HATED when it was time for 'Happy Birthday' to be sung and opening of presents. The two main events at a birthday party and I HATED them both when I was a child. Why? Because it meant I was the center of attention and had to sit there and endure it. My next post will be ALL pictures of her birthday.

#2 - Aubrey starts day care on Thursday. I feel like she's going to Kindergarten. I'm having a hard time dealing with this issue and will expand on it more Thursday!

#3 - Today I pulled into a parking spot, the hood of my car was white like it should be, went into the store, walked out of the store 20 minutes later and the hood was half brown/green/textured!!! What ever bird it was had some GI UPSET to say the least and decided to leave it ALL on the hood of my white car! Usually bird droppings are maybe 1/2 inch in diameter....each of the 10 drops were probably 2 inches in diameter, not to mention a lovely green/brown! But then a nice washout of a rainstorm came through and cleaned the hood of the car for me!

# 4 - Looking for faces in the Springfield area who want a facial! I sell Mary Kay on the side for fun and my goal this month is to facial 15 faces! The month is more than half over and I've only done 2! If you know anyone in the area or if you are in the area and want a little pampering, let me know! I need to meet my goal this month! AND I need a little bit of 'girl' time!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

back to reality

AGH! I am back!! Our hectic gone a week, home a week, pack, un-pack, re-pack, jet-outta-here schedule is OVER!!! It's been a great summer, but I'm exhausted!

The past week and a half was spent in Orlando Florida. We spent 4 days working with 600 kids at 'Kids Council' along with a number of other Children's Pastors/Workers from around the country. Once our 8a.m. - 11:00p.m. running crazy was over on Friday, we met up w/ Justin's brother and his girlfriend to spend some relaxing time at Epcot and Typhoon Lagoon. We were water logged at the water park and walked our feet off at Epcot. We spent two nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge...if you EVER have a chance to go...GO! It is so nice and they have the BEST South African Buffet for dinner. Expensive? YES! Worth it? Let's just say if Justin would pay for it, it's WORTH every penny! We stuffed ourselves SILLY with the best food I've ever eaten! One of my favorites on the buffet was the 'watermelon/tomatoe salad'. Sounds weird, it was watermelon/cherry tomatoes in a vinegar dressing with bleu cheese. AMAZING!

Aubrey stayed home and split her time between Justin's mom and my parents. She handled the time away from us very well...until we arrived back home. Now she won't let mama OUT OF HER SIGHT! This mama isn't going ANYWHERE again without her. I enjoyed the break from mommyhood for a short time...but her reaction is enough to keep me home forever! It was SO nice to walk around Epcot, listening to OTHER people's children throw fits and have meltdowns because they were too little to be there, too hot and missed naptime! I think I said 'glad that's not me!' 20 times! Some day we'll take Aubrey to Disney.

She turned '2' while we were gone!!! The party is this Saturday. It's a rather big birthday for her. She's entering the stage where she's outgrowing so many toys and on the small side for BIG toys....but between mama/daddy, papa/grandma, grammie, and aunt/uncles.... she's getting a swing set for the back yard and a kitchen set for her playhouse we're in the works of building. So much fun stuff going on!!!

I'll post pictures!