Saturday, June 27, 2009

luscious lips

Never attempted this before... a CONTEST! Who ever can come up with the BEST name for 'kitty' (pictured below in previous post)...i'll send you a lipgloss out of my Mary Kay stash!! And 'kitty' will walk around proudly sporting the name you picked for her!

Who can't use a new, free lipgloss?! I'll end this little contest on Thursday, July 2nd. You've got plenty of time!

new addition

I bet you thought you could scroll down and read that our 'new addition' is another baby on the way... ha! Not even a consideration until I have my RN license IN HAND!

But our newest addition to the 'farm' as people like to call it, is a kitty! She was hanging around one of my co-workers homes and they couldn't keep her, so I brought her to our house. I said 'survival of the fittest...if she stays...good. If not, life goes on'. She decided to adopt our home.

Aubrey LOVES the kitty! She always wants to feed, pet and find her! The kitty hides from Aubrey. I think Aubrey is a little too loud for kitty's liking. But she loves me and is warming up to Justin...of all people!

Right now we just call her 'kitty'. I had a name picked out for her, but it's too long for Aubrey to pronounce and Justin hated the name. So 'kitty' will have to do!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ironies of motherhood

It's been a while since I've written. And not that anything fun HASN'T happened, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write! Or should I say I haven't TAKEN the time to sit and write!

Justin and I were out of town for a few days this week. Aubrey stayed at my sister-in-laws house for those 3 days. She was able to hang out with her Aunt/Uncle and 5 cousins! The story I received was that she never had to lift a finger and never slept in the room by herself. Everyone fought over who would get to play with Aubrey next! The car ride home, her eyes were glazed. She played so hard wtih all of them and had a wonderful time! Thanks to Jeff and Angelia for watching her!

I was reading in my 'Parenting' magazine today and the very last page caught my read:
"Top Ten Ironies of motherhood". Usually I don't pay attention to these things because I'm not interested in what it has to say...but today, I was interested. Here are a few of my favorites

#10. Tough as it was when your child clung to you at the entrance of her pre-K. It's worse when she hisses, 'don't kiss me!' as you drop her off in fourth grade.

#8. You spent years begging your child to eat veggies, then last night she called you a murderer for serving steak.

#3. How your son is his basketball team's MVP - but heaven forbid he could get a pair of socks in the hamper.

#2 You ask your child to share toys and she won't, but if Dora the Explorer asked her to remove somone's pancreas, she'd grab a scalpel.

#1. That you could miss your little one so much all day at work, but be unbelievably relieved when he falls asleep an hour after you get home.

All of these are too true! What ironies! What enjoyment in life that children bring us as mothers!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big girls sleep with teddy bears....

Well, this day has been coming for 22 months now...the day I say 'we are free from the paci'!! Letting those words out makes me cringe a little. The precious piece of plastic and rubber, in all sorts of pretty colors, has been such a symbol of security for both Aubrey and myself, to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt Aubrey will sleep peacefully through the now gone.

BUT... according to her Dr. we should have been rid of the paci 4 months ago. My goal was to be rid of it by this August. Aubrey met in the middle, compromised and got rid of it at 22 months.

So, 2 weeks ago tonight, I took the paci from her crib, put it in my pocket and snuggled with Aubrey. I handed her the teddy bear she likes to sleep with. She asked for the paci and I said, "Big girls sleep with teddy bears and babies sleep with paci's... you're a big girl, so you get to sleep with your teddy bear. No more paci." I'm not sure she knew what to think about that. But it worked! The paci is safely hidden in her sock drawer, so when the day comes for MOMMY to give it up, I will toss it in the trash.

My mom always said 'when she's ready, she'll give it up...' I guess the timing was right...and I can officially say WE'RE RID OF THE PACI! Thank you for your service and full nights sleep for myself and Aubrey! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ketchup and broccoli please

These two pictures represent a 22 month old little girl who ate ALL of the steamed broccoli on her plate! I didn't drown her broccoli in ketchup, just lightly dipped it in and gave it to her. Not really enough to taste on there. But she ate it... and THAT'S the important thing!
Looked gross, but whtever it takes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer fun!

Today was family pool day! Willard, the town we live in, built a brand new pool this year! Aubrey would live there if we would let her! Once she was layered in SPF 55, sporting her sun hat and big belly, we hit the water! Here are a few pics of today's fun in the sun.

Miss 'Impatient' - waiting in line to pay so we can swim! She wanted to cut in front of everyone!

SO excited to actually be IN the water!!!

Daddy flying her around the water

Snack time!

All swam out... ready to go home!