Sunday, June 26, 2011

a little jar of heaven

That's right! These beautiful shiny jars are filled with SEEDLESS black raspberry jelly! HOME MADE by myself! Well, with a little help from a very good friend!
Let's just say it was a LOT of fun making it...and I will NEVER tell you how much sugar is in a batch of jelly! EVER. It's heavenly! Our berry bushes did not let us down this year!

Tomorrow and part of Tuesday I get to play 'camp nurse'. First time as camp nurse... with a bunch of Teenagers! YIKES! We'll see! I'll use this as a test see if I EVER want to play camp nurse again! Wish me luck!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Last Thursday, June 16, was mine and Justin's ten year wedding anniversary! TEN YEARS! I remember thinking during the first year....'10 years is a long way off!' Boy was I WRONG! Time has FLOWN BY! Every year on our anniversary I want to get married all over again. Of course in a different location, different colors, different flowers, different dress each year. Just to mix it up!

Our wedding day was SO much fun! Surrounded by family and friends, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Complete with violin music, smiles, tears, hugs, bubbles, a hay ride with the wedding party and a little bit of boogy on the dance floor! The only thing that went wrong? All of the groomsmen, ushers, minister and groom decided to shine their shoes moments before the event. There were tea-light candles placed in tuhle across the stage to give a 'soft glow' to the set. I bet you have guessed by now something caught on fire....NOT the tuhle! But the toe of the ministers shoe! He stepped back and flipped the candle over, igniting the toe of his shoe. Justin, myself and a few attendants were the only ones who caught this mishap! And we paid for a new pair of shoes for him! Not because we had to....because we felt bad! ;)

Below are a few pics from the day. Taken from our wedding album by Justin's Iphone. Not the best quality....but 'back then', digital camera's weren't popular and were way to expensive if they were around! this would be the quiet moments AFTER the ignited shoe!

YES, that is a HAY wagon we rode off into the sunset on! The entire wedding party and significant other fit on that wagon! My best friends brother was sweet enough to drive it down mainstreet to the reception! Maybe a little bit 'country', but a TON of fun!

Ahhh the memories. Wonderful ones they are of that day! I love reminiscing about the event and wish we could do it all over again every year! It's been a busy, educational, wonderful decade....we're looking forward to what the next decade brings us! (Hopefully a little more relaxation!)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday Firsts

It's almost I'm getting my 'friday firsts' up and running early this week!

There have been a number of 'firsts' in the last couple of weeks:

First catheter a nurse NOT on orientation! I guess i should say, my first catheter success since third semester of school! OVER a year ago!

First 12 hour night shift. The first 10 hours were GREAT....the last two...way too long.

Tomorrow is Aubrey's FIRST trip to Silver Dollar City! It's going to be a hot's 9:55 p.m. and she's still running around the hotel room. Tomorrow should be a fun day. (If you aren't familiar with SDC, check out ) We're in for some fun!

Here's a cute quote from the Aubster herself:

Last Friday we spent a few hours in Urgent care to find out she had an ear infection. Memorial Day we took a family trip to the pool. On the way there I told her she couldn't get her ear wet because she has an ear infection. That night in the bathtub, I was rinsing the soap out of her hair and she informed me 'mama, you can't get my ear wet, I have an ear confection!'

Have a WONDERFUL Friday!