Sunday, November 29, 2009

holiday lights

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. A day full of family, food and fun! A day where you can stuff yourself silly and not feel bad because, 'it's just the thing to do!' I LOVE this time of year. There is a joyful spirit common among people that isn't always there the rest of the year!

We are rapidly approaching the Christmas season. Or are we in full swing of it now? Shoppers, stores, sales, commercials, lights strung across homes, trees in the windows, ornaments decorating lawns. Yes, we are in fast motion, full speed ahead into the busiest time of year!

I am VERY excited this year, more than last. It is SO much fun to be a parent during the holidays, but even more fun the older your child gets. Last year Aubrey had fun unwrapping presents and seeing the tree up. But already she is SO excited to see christmas lights on houses when we drive past. 'CWIS-MAS LIGHTS!!!!! BLUE ONES....AND AND....WHITE ONES. OOOOOH THERE'S MORE!' are words SCREAMED from the back seat every time she sees them! Once in a while I will take a detour on the way home to drive past her favorite blue lights. Since the weather was so warm this weekend, I took advantage and hung our icicle lights on the deck. Aubrey makes CERTAIN they are on when it gets dark outside!

She runs to the window saying "Lights Mama....lights!"

Aubrey has two Christmas programs to be in this year! And we are practicing the songs like crazy! I can't believe within the next 2 weeks, I'll be one of 'those' parents with the video camera in the front row and my little girl all decked out for the holidays. She'll probably be really shy and won't want to sing...or she might be out of control with energy and eat up the attention! Either way, you will probably be seeing pictures!

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