Friday, July 24, 2009

potty training?!!!

WELL!!! I must say July has been THE BUSIEST month of the year thus far! First week we spent in St. Louis, came home began potty training. The next week we packed up and went to kids camp, came home, unpacked, kept up with potty training. We're now at home for a week and then Justin and I are OFF yet AGAIN for a trip to Orlando. Partial business, partial vacation. Miss Aubrey will be staying here in Springfield, dividing her time between Grammie (Justin's mom) and Grandma and Papa (my parents). All of these activities are VERY fun, but I'm ready for school to start up! I am ready for a SET SCHEDULE and STRESS!

As far as potty training goes.... I keep looking for the day it's going to back fire on us! But we're heading into week #3 and have had maybe 4 accidents! Mornings and naptimes are dry, she's excited for stickers on her chart for potty and bracelets on her arm for poopy! I was dreading the whole potty training time, but it's actually been fun. She's picking up on it quickly and can hold it longer than a camel! This just means we're crossing another milestone in her life.... makes me happy and sad! Once again, the heartstrings of a mama are being tugged at tightly!!

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