Sunday, August 23, 2009

doll in daycare part #2

Well, Aubrey has had 2 days in Joyland and really likes it thus far! Only one potty accident, takes a great nap at naptime, has had fun in craft time and working on successfullly getting her pants up and down at bathroom break!

I rushed home from work on Thursday to find out what Aubrey's teacher had to say about her first day... this is how it went:

Justin: "Aubrey had a great first day! Her and Jaeydin were buddies all day. At one point on the playground, Aubrey went on her own to play and Jaeydin couldn't find her. Jaeydin went to the teacher crying because she couldn't find Aubrey. They found Aubrey and the girls played together for a while longer. Aubrey DID get in trouble though"
At this point my heart stopped!! WHAT? MY DAUGHTER IS CAUSING TROUBLE ALREADY?!! "For what?!" I asked. Justin: " Well, it seems like at naptime Jaeydin and Aubrey were on cots next to each other, and they wouldn't stop talking. So the teacher moved them and they had to nap on opposite sides of the room!"

WHEW! I thought.... "at least she only got in trouble for talking at nap time!"
Ha! It just shows she's a TRUE girl! Chatty chatty!

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