Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12 weeks

12 weeks and THERE IS a bump! It may look small...but it's enough to make me winded walking to and from the car, I'm eating like food will be wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow and sleeping like I haven't slept in years! (I don't remember being like this with Aubrey at this stage...Justin disagrees.) Nausea? It has subsided for the most part. It only gets bad when I'm exhausted or EXTREMELY hungry. When this baby wants to eat...it wants to eat NOW!

Honestly, I'm not sure it has really hit me that there will be another BABY around! I have a job, a 4 year old, housework and a husband to keep up with. Not sure when it will hit, but for now I'm enjoying my bump. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Most of you have probably heard by now... we're having a BABY! April 9 is the estimated date of arrival!

I've had a rough few weeks of nausea and tiredness, but Sunday I will be 12 wks! I think I'm coming out of they 'yucky' feeling part....for a while that is!

Aubrey is excited to be a BIG SISTER! Every day she changes her mind as to whether or not she wants a brother or a sister! We're just hoping for a healthy baby! Makes no difference to us. The organized side of me wants a girl, b/c I already have all girl stuff and SO MUCH cute little girl clothes I want use all over again! But the unknown side of me wants a boy b/c I have NO IDEA what to do with a boy! We'll find out after Thanksgiving if it's a girl or boy.