Thursday, August 20, 2009

a doll in daycare

As promised in my previous and an update on day care!

Let's start with the most difficult: Daycare! Who was it more difficult for today, Aubrey or myself? MYSELF! I felt like my child was starting Kindergarten! Once everything was labeled with her name, I packed her back pack with an extra change of clothes, a portable fold up potty seat (b/c her rear is tiny even for the 'toddler' size toilets), packed a Wal-Mart bag with a box of Kleenex and wipes to share with the class, her blanket and pillow. Out the door we went! We've been telling her for about a week now that she would be going to a place called 'Joyland' and she would meet new friends, have a teacher, eat a snack, play games, take a nap and have fun. I'm at work right now, so I'm anxious to see how she did for her first day.

Us leaving didn't seem to phase her. There was another little girl in there that she knows, so she sat by her and waved 'bye'. That made mama feel better. But when we walked away I felt like the most horrible mother! Thoughts raced through my head "I can't believe I'm leaving my child for someone else to take care of and she going to listen to her teacher? Will they help her get her pants up and down? What if they get impatient with how particular she is with everything?! What if she thinks I've abandoned her?!" Ugh. I KNOW it's best, she's ready for more structure and socialization and I NEED her to be there while I'm in school. It's only for a season and she'll benefit well from it I know!

On to the more fun subject: PICTURES! Here is a collection of recent pictures of the princess!

modeling mama's shoes

we have goats, a horse, chickens and turkeys....and this is what she does around the animals at the fair!

a true artist is very messy!

playing with a few of her cousins on her new swingset!

being silly in a pair of p.j's she received for her birthday

wearing a hairbow she got for her birthday
from Kelli

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  1. What a doll. I love her big eyes and pretty curls!

    As far as the daycare experience, I totally understand. Last Sunday we put Madigan in the church nursery for the first time and got all choked up about it. It's something I never would have understood until I became a mom.

    I hope she had fun on her first day.