Thursday, December 10, 2009

wasting time!

Well... here I sit, in my little study room at the Library Station. The employees probably think I should start paying rent for this room! I have been here more in the last 2 weeks than I ever have in my life! Why? FINALS!! This is IT! Today was the LAST day of class for 3my 3rd semester of Nursing school. I am sitting here drinking the largest cup of Panera Hazelnut coffee I could order, shoes off, books, papers, pens spread out all across the table. My name has reserved this room for the next 3 hours. I will be meeting classmates here for the next 3 days in preparation for Monday's FINAL test of the semester!
I am scared to death to take it, excited to tackle it, afraid I will make dumb decisions, yet know I will slide into my last semester. I knew Nursing school would be hard...but seriously?! I need some Xanax! Every semester I feel like my motto is "I just need to pass this semester!" When all I do is study!

This is it...down to the wire. All of my projects, papers and patients have been taken care of. My dad is here to help take care of Aubrey and Justin while I'm in this little study room for the next, what feels like, 72 hours. If you're reading this...PLEASE say a prayer for me at 7:30 on Monday morning. I know God has allowed me to come this far and he will carry me the rest of the way. I WILL rest in his peace and know that He will guide my decisions on test day. I just hate all of the anxiety that accompanies my studies!

And I sit here, wasting time writing about it! Back to the books!!!!

(Watch for my December give-away next week!!!)


  1. saying a prayer
    waiting for the give away
    scolding you for writing a blog when you should be studying
    wishing you luck
    knowing God had great plans for YOU!

  2. Hang in there'll make it! We'll be praying for you.