Thursday, June 25, 2009

ironies of motherhood

It's been a while since I've written. And not that anything fun HASN'T happened, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write! Or should I say I haven't TAKEN the time to sit and write!

Justin and I were out of town for a few days this week. Aubrey stayed at my sister-in-laws house for those 3 days. She was able to hang out with her Aunt/Uncle and 5 cousins! The story I received was that she never had to lift a finger and never slept in the room by herself. Everyone fought over who would get to play with Aubrey next! The car ride home, her eyes were glazed. She played so hard wtih all of them and had a wonderful time! Thanks to Jeff and Angelia for watching her!

I was reading in my 'Parenting' magazine today and the very last page caught my read:
"Top Ten Ironies of motherhood". Usually I don't pay attention to these things because I'm not interested in what it has to say...but today, I was interested. Here are a few of my favorites

#10. Tough as it was when your child clung to you at the entrance of her pre-K. It's worse when she hisses, 'don't kiss me!' as you drop her off in fourth grade.

#8. You spent years begging your child to eat veggies, then last night she called you a murderer for serving steak.

#3. How your son is his basketball team's MVP - but heaven forbid he could get a pair of socks in the hamper.

#2 You ask your child to share toys and she won't, but if Dora the Explorer asked her to remove somone's pancreas, she'd grab a scalpel.

#1. That you could miss your little one so much all day at work, but be unbelievably relieved when he falls asleep an hour after you get home.

All of these are too true! What ironies! What enjoyment in life that children bring us as mothers!

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