Thursday, August 13, 2009

back to reality

AGH! I am back!! Our hectic gone a week, home a week, pack, un-pack, re-pack, jet-outta-here schedule is OVER!!! It's been a great summer, but I'm exhausted!

The past week and a half was spent in Orlando Florida. We spent 4 days working with 600 kids at 'Kids Council' along with a number of other Children's Pastors/Workers from around the country. Once our 8a.m. - 11:00p.m. running crazy was over on Friday, we met up w/ Justin's brother and his girlfriend to spend some relaxing time at Epcot and Typhoon Lagoon. We were water logged at the water park and walked our feet off at Epcot. We spent two nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge...if you EVER have a chance to go...GO! It is so nice and they have the BEST South African Buffet for dinner. Expensive? YES! Worth it? Let's just say if Justin would pay for it, it's WORTH every penny! We stuffed ourselves SILLY with the best food I've ever eaten! One of my favorites on the buffet was the 'watermelon/tomatoe salad'. Sounds weird, it was watermelon/cherry tomatoes in a vinegar dressing with bleu cheese. AMAZING!

Aubrey stayed home and split her time between Justin's mom and my parents. She handled the time away from us very well...until we arrived back home. Now she won't let mama OUT OF HER SIGHT! This mama isn't going ANYWHERE again without her. I enjoyed the break from mommyhood for a short time...but her reaction is enough to keep me home forever! It was SO nice to walk around Epcot, listening to OTHER people's children throw fits and have meltdowns because they were too little to be there, too hot and missed naptime! I think I said 'glad that's not me!' 20 times! Some day we'll take Aubrey to Disney.

She turned '2' while we were gone!!! The party is this Saturday. It's a rather big birthday for her. She's entering the stage where she's outgrowing so many toys and on the small side for BIG toys....but between mama/daddy, papa/grandma, grammie, and aunt/uncles.... she's getting a swing set for the back yard and a kitchen set for her playhouse we're in the works of building. So much fun stuff going on!!!

I'll post pictures!

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  1. I think Judy Garland had it right- There's no place like home!! I can't believe Aubrey is a big 2 year old. She is such a cutie.

    I hear you with the Disney/small children philosophy. We won't be taking Madigan there until she is old enough to remember it. Otherwise it is a stressful waste of money.

    Glad you guys had fun in your travels and that you are home to stay.