Saturday, June 27, 2009

new addition

I bet you thought you could scroll down and read that our 'new addition' is another baby on the way... ha! Not even a consideration until I have my RN license IN HAND!

But our newest addition to the 'farm' as people like to call it, is a kitty! She was hanging around one of my co-workers homes and they couldn't keep her, so I brought her to our house. I said 'survival of the fittest...if she stays...good. If not, life goes on'. She decided to adopt our home.

Aubrey LOVES the kitty! She always wants to feed, pet and find her! The kitty hides from Aubrey. I think Aubrey is a little too loud for kitty's liking. But she loves me and is warming up to Justin...of all people!

Right now we just call her 'kitty'. I had a name picked out for her, but it's too long for Aubrey to pronounce and Justin hated the name. So 'kitty' will have to do!

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  1. Congrats on the new addition! We're not the only ones now who have adopted an outdoor cat.