Thursday, September 3, 2009

would you like a little morphine?

I just realized it's been AT LEAST 2 weeks since I posted something on here! YIKES!

You know what that means? SCHOOL has begun! And the STORIES will begin...actually right now in this post.

This week was my first week of clinical rotations at the Hospital. I have to be honest, I was NOT looking forward to this semester of school. Due to the fact they 'release' you a little more on the floors, don't hold your hand QUITE so much. Pretty much you are responsible for your patient, the instructor and nurse is around for guidance, but you're on your own for charting procedures performed, vital signs checked...etc etc.

So what did I do this week besides take temperatures, blood pressures, pulses and respirations?
#1 - Pushed some IV medication. If that isn't intimidating and scary I don't know what is! Knowing you are responsible for anything that happens with the liquid running through the line of the IV into the person's veins!!! YIKES!

#2 - Removed a drain tube from someone's back! Yes...REMOVED it. Pulled it out!
People think I'm crazy when I say it was 'fun'. Not sure if I would survive in the nursing field if I didn't get excited about this stuff! :)

I was an absolute NERVOUS WRECK the first day and a little today. But the more stuff I had to do, the better I felt. I hope I get a lot of experience this's going to be a fun one!

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