Thursday, October 22, 2009

flashing lights

If you've followed my blog at all... you know it has been quite some time since I have written anything NEW! School has swamped my schedule! If I'm not sitting in class, I'm running through the halls of the hospital, or doing mass amounts of paperwork in order to run through the halls of the hospital.... at my part time job or trying to catch up on some laundry and time with Justin and Aubrey! How i do it all.... I have NO IDEA except to say....ONLY BY GOD'S HELP!!!

Anyhow, this past Thursday-Sunday was 'Fall Break' for school. SO, myself, Aubrey and my very good friend Sarah and her little boy Josiah packed up and headed to IN and OH. Aubrey and I stayed at my parents house in IN and Sarah and Josiah stayed at her parents house in OH. She was able to fit in a couple of photoshoots, check out her site at . We were able to get a little 'home' time, which I have DESPERATELY been in need of. Just a break to get out of good old Springfield. I don't make it home much these days...lucky to get once a year in!

BUT BEFORE WE HIT THE INDIANA STATE LINE...actually before we hit the middle of Springfield, not even making it OUT of the city.... I looked in my review mirror and there was a nice policeman with his LIGHTS ON, pulling ME over! My heart sank! I saw Justin rambling on at me for draining our bank acct on a ticket! I asked Sarah " What did i do back there? Did I run a red light? What's the speed limit? We're fastened in....the kids are fastened in..." I was VERY confused and so was she! I pulled into a parking lot and he came up to my window. My heart was NOT racing because I knew for a FACT I did NOTHING wrong! I was ready to wheel and deal with this guy! Here's how the conversation went:
Policeman: Good afternoon ma' this your car?
Me: yes. (confused and stunned he would ask this question! do I REALLY look like a THIEF?!)
Policeman: Do you have insurance on it?
Me: yes sir - (what kind of crazy question is that?!)
Policeman: Did you know your plates are expired?
Me: (my mind racing through the past few months, and flipping through any notices...the car plates are due in can they be expired?!!! I RENEWED THEM!) Uh, nooo....
Policeman: Ma'am, may I see you license and insurance ?
Me: Sure (and i hand him my license....well this guy is pretty bent on the fact Sarah and I and two 2 year olds just STOLE this car! So he walks back to his car to run my license and didn't stick around to check the insurance)
While he's in the car running my license.... as I rummage through the nice little car manual folder in the glove box....there in the front pocket is my receipt of renewal in June of 2009 AND the 'june 10' RENEWAL STICKERS! I WAS SO RELIEVED! It ALL came back! It was raining the day i renewed, and who wants to put stickers on in the rain? NOT ME! So I safely put them in with the receipt...and FORGOT to put them on the plates.
2 minutes later.....
Policeman: Here's your license says you renewed
Me: ha...yes, here's something I believe may be important! (showing him my brilliant discovery! trying to lighten up the guy!)
Policeman: Well you need to put those on .... I guess I will let you go
Me: Thank you, I will put them on RIGHT now! (thinking 'GUESS?!'......GUESS NOTHING!....YES YOU WILL LET ME GO! I MADE AN INNOCENT MISTAKE!)

And I jumped out after he got in his car and put them both on for him to observe!

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