Friday, February 25, 2011

friday's contest

Two posts in ONE day...CRAZY I know! But I need your help... some people have a 'Friday favorites', 'Friday's finds', 'Fridays ______' and they post fun things on Friday. Why Friday? I don't know, maybe it's because it's the last day of the week and Saturday gives us more time to look at the fun from Friday. Maybe we are SO excited Friday is here, we just putz around on the computer finding things. Whatever the reason....occasionally I would like to post something fun on Fridays. But I need a catchy title. This is where your help comes in. I have a yummy Satin Hands Hand cream or a flirty Lip gloss waiting for you if you can come up with the best catchy title for my Friday! Leave your comment/idea below and I will pick the winner by next Thursday, so it can appear Friday! :)

For the first 'nameless' friday _____ I want to highlight the book 'I Love You This Much' by Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan. It is one of Aubrey's favorite books I read to her almost every night at bedtime. We have memorized most of it and can quote it to each other, at least the main 'chorus' if you will. If you have a little one, will have a little one or know a little one, this book is great! The first year of Aubrey's life, when I sat and read it to her, I could hardly get through it without crying! Maybe it was the insane roller coaster of post pregnancy hormones, maybe it was the overwhelming love I have for her, whatever it made this book my favorite to read with Aubrey.

I Love You This Much - Book and CD                    -              By: Lynn Hodges, Sue Buchanan                   Illustrated By: John Bendall-Brunello

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  1. "Friday Firsts"... you can tell funny stories about "firsts" ... first kiss... first bad hair cut... first attempt cooking something fancy...