Thursday, February 17, 2011

from the mouths of babes

I've been cooped up this week, both Justin and I have been sick. NO FUN! So far, so good for Aubrey. She's had run of the house, spent the night at Grammie's and received 2 vitamins for extra immunity boost! She would eat the entire bottle of vitamins if they weren't locked in the cabinet!

When you can't do anything other than move from the couch to the bed and the bed to the couch, with a frequent visit to the bathroom in between, one has a lot of time to think and reflect. I decided to reflect on the cute little phrases and conversations I have had in the past week with Aubrey.

#1 - I washed all of our sheets and towels and hung them out to dry on the clothesline...hence my previous post. I opened windows and aired out the house. At bedtime, all of the blankets and sheets on Aubrey's bed smelled like fresh air. I said 'Aubrey, smell your blankets, they smell sooo good....just like fresh air'. So she inhaled a large, dramatic sniff, smiled, hugged my leg and said 'YOU'RE THE BEST EVER!' If that doesn't make a mama's heart melt, I don't know what does.

#2 - One of her friends was in the day care office the other day waiting for her mommy to pick her up because she had a fever and needed to go home. I stopped in to say 'hi' to her and this is what was said....
Me: 'I'm so sorry you're sick'. Aubrey's friend: 'I'm 4 and I have a fever. Even when people get 4 they can still get sick and have a fever'. Me: 'Yes, even when we're as old as 4, unfortunately we can still get sick'.

#3 - and last but NOT least, living in the house with another girl can get rather dramatic at times. The latest saying out of Aubrey's mouth is 'UGH, you're dressing me out!' Otherwise known as 'stressing'. HM! I wonder who she's heard THAT from?!

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