Friday, February 25, 2011

deal is sealed!

The deal is finally SEALED! March 7th is the official day of my new job as a nurse! I will be working at one of the largest Hospitals in the area as an Oncology (Cancer) nurse, part time, nights. Nights isn't my top pick of hours, but I'm a graduate...I'm bottom of the barrel. I have to start some where and maybe nights won't feel like being 'thrown to the wolves' in my new career!

I'm excited, scared, nervous, sad and in wonder of this next new chapter....

Excited - this is something I have worked insanely hard for the last few years. FINALLY all of my time, dedication to studies, paperwork, tears, exhaustion, stress and lost time is beginning to pay off! Excited to see what lies ahead!

Scared - I am scared to death to step out into this new avenue of a career! It's not like I'm sitting at a desk filing papers and taking phone calls. I am responsible for people's LIVES! AGH!
No pressure.

Nervous - there are always a good amount of nerves that accompany each of us in any new endeavor. If there weren't nerves involved, there would be a problem and we would be WAY too confidence in ourselves.

Sad - these are my last days as 'stay at home mom'. But really? Have I ever been considered 'stay at home mom'? I think being out of school and solely focusing on being a stay at home mom would drive me to the funny farm! I need things to do and scheduled time away. What better thing than to schedule my time away to take care of people and love on them?! But sad that this cherished time is over and will cherish even more, the time I get to spend with my family.

Wonder - I am in deep, anxious wonder as to what I will experience in the next few years! I am in awe that God has brought me this far and I am actually able to carry out His plan and feel peaceful about it. I wonder what kind of mistakes I will make and learn from? I wonder what my patients will be like? I wonder where this new status will take me in life...and possible around the world?

I am so excited to begin my new journey March 7th. So stay tuned for updates!
(No, this is not me, nor anyone I know in the picture...i just love the 'old school' style!)

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  1. Camille!!! I am so proud of you. I knew you would get the job you wanted!! God truly does give us the desires of our heart. I am going through the journey right now of going back to school to become a family nurse practitioner while working full time as a nurse. I know that this is what God has for me because He has paved the way and opened doors for me I never knew could be opened. This path has not been without many tears, late, stress filled nights, and many melt downs. But the journey is worth it...No one ever regrets hard work. And through it all...He is with me all the way, and that in itself is worth it.