Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring is in the air

Well it is a BEAUTIFUL day in SW Missouri. Almost officially spring. It looks like it around here. Spring is one of my favorite seasons! Our property looks beautiful with the apple and plum trees budding pink and white flowers, the bright green grass coming in that Jake grazes as fast as it grows, and this year Aubrey is big enough to run around outside and enjoy it as well! We have been outside a lot this week. My Spring break is almost coming to an end, what a nice, relaxing, no alarm clock, much needed week it has been! Aubrey and I have spent a lot of time outside, feeding the chickens, petting and feeding Jake, walking all around our 6 acres, looking at worms, blowing bubbles and riding in her wagon. She DOES NOT like to hear the words, 'we're going inside to eat lunch now'. She loves food, but more than food, she LOVES being outside! This summer I will have the tan of my life, because her and I will practically LIVE outside! Plus the city of Willard is getting a new pool that will be open this summer, so we MIGHT have to visit a time or two...and invite her best friend Josiah to come, he's been taking swimming lessons!

I know it is easiest and best to be going through Nursing school right now while Aubrey is so little. But days like this week, it is so HARD to get back into the grind of the routine! I just keep telling myself "8 more weeks of this semester, one more year of school and it will ALL be worth it...I have ALL summer to spend with Aubrey".

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  1. There is a definite advantage to living in the country. The only chicken Madigan gets to see is in our freezer. =) Summer will be here before you know it and you guys will be splashing in the pool again- YEAH!!