Friday, March 6, 2009


Happy Friday to everyone! Today was a beautiful day in SW Missouri! We hit the 80 degree mark! Every window in my house was open, clothes were outside drying in the sunshine and I spent a good hour giving Jake, my horse, a workout! He was sweaty and tired of me telling him what to do by the time we were finished. It felt so good to get out, soak up some sun and enjoy the day! I even came away with a little pinkness to my porcelain white skin!

My clinical day on Wednesday was spent with 4 new mom's and their new babies. It's amazing to me how each mom is completely different from the next. Obviously no two individual's are alike, but they all went through a similar experience and they are all completely different situations and outlooks! One mom had baby #4 Tuesday morning and was dressed in her clothes Wednesday morning, searching for her nurse to let her know the Dr. told her she could go home and she needed to be home in time to go to class that night! She was a professional mom! I guess after 4 you would have the routine down...just a little! The other 3 mom's weren't so energetic, they all had just moving around was a task to be checked off the 'to do' list! And going home? That just sounded like too much pain and work!

I had a lot of fun in the nursery playing with babies. Taking temperatures, washing their little faces, listening to the speedy little heart rates, checking reflexes, changing diapers and listening to the wave of cries. Once one baby starts, it's only a matter of seconds before the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and entire nursery of babies practice their vocal skills!

I enjoy the post partum (new moms/babies) floor very much! For the most part everyone on that floor is very healthy! Pregnancy is probably one of the healthiest times in a woman's life! It was nice not to have a lot of medications to keep up with. A prenatal vitamin here, a glass of ice water there and a look at some swollen ankles/feet was all I had to keep up with! Kind of makes me get the baby itch again....but don't be asking, because there won't be any news! Just remember who I'm married to...he's enough to equal the energy of 2 children!

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