Saturday, March 19, 2011

a new addition needs a name

That's right! We have a new addition to the family! A sweet little girl!

A little girl goat that is! And she needs a NAME! Our mama goat Gretel surprised us with a baby this morning! We went out to feed them and there in the middle of the pen was this sweet little baby goat! I am not a big fan of goats, my other half has them for some reason.... but I AM a fan of the babies!

So...I need help coming up with a name! I'll run a contest until Thursday, March 24. Leave a comment and a name suggestion. Winner will receive a $10 gift certificate for Mary Kay. To be used on my website or in person.

She's pretty cute!(sorry if you were looking for an announcement of my pregnancy.... no such thought of an announcement exists at this time.) :)


  1. Well, Gretel means "Pearl" so I think Margo, Maggie, or Gretchen are all cute--they all mean "Little Pearl." :) She looks so sweet and soft!

  2. The only name Brian and I could think of that rhymes w/Gretel is "PRETZEL" :) Good luck! See ya! Kelli

  3. When I looked at her, she looked like a Gracie to me. It's good alliteration too, Gracie Goat, Gracie and Gretel, etc. ;-)