Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Firsts

I'm 24 hours late on this...but I didn't feel like staying up late to post the fun activities for Friday Firsts.

Here are a few activities which happened for the first time this week:

Tuesday I bought my first two pair of work scrubs and shoes! We have to wear navy or white. I can handle that! I look good in both! :)

Friday I rode Jake, my horse for the first time in a quite a few months. But this time was a little more relaxing...for the first time in 2 1/2 years I didn't have the constant reminder of school in the back of my brain. I wasn't constantly thinking 'get the ride over with because you have hours of studying to do!' I COULD RELAX AND ENJOY MY RIDE!

Friday night was the 'Father/Daughter banquet' at our church. It was the first one for Justin and Aubrey. My dad is visiting us for a week and just happened to be here, so I was able to take MY daddy to the banquet as well! It was a nice 'date' night for Aubrey and I with our daddies! Enjoy the pics! (My daddy isn't in the pic! He's the photographer...but we did get a 'professional' photo together at the banquet, no worries!)

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