Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Firsts

And another Friday Firsts posted on Saturday. Oh well. I have GREAT intentions on getting them on here on Friday...just hasn't worked out thus far!

Thursday was my first day on the hospital a NURSE! The first 6 hours are a blur! It took me sitting down and eating lunch to kind of loosen me up and reassure myself all will be OK! I CAN DO THIS! Friday I was a lot more comfortable....yet nervous. Each day will get better and I will fall into my role a little more each day.

Friday was the first time I accessed a port. If you don't know what a 'port' is... here's a link that explains it! Pretty nerve wracking experience because you can't see through skin...but one that I will do millions of times in this career with my patients. Just open a new page and copy and paste the link into your address bar at the top.

Finally, I came up with my first motto for why I do what I do.... plain and simple.

"I HATE cancer....but I LOVE my cancer patients!"

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