Thursday, June 3, 2010

a new cell phone please!

Having children is ALWAYS an adventure. In our house there is never a dull moment unless Aubrey is sleeping. But even then it is questionable!

We converted Aubrey's crib to a toddler bed over 2 weeks ago. So far, she's done WONDERFUL with it! She has a sticker chart, so each morning if she stays in her 'big girl bed' all night and doesn't have a potty accident during the night, she gets a sticker for her chart and a 'treat' (a.k.a 1 pc of candy). A week out we draw a picture of what she is working toward, ie. the zoo, camping with daddy in the back yard and this week she is working toward a new 'cell phone'.

Why a new 'cell phone'? Little miss decided to run around the house in her 'big girls' (a.k.a underwear) and nothing else. Well, big girls don't come equipped with what is a girl to do with her cell phone? Carry it in her hands? Surely NOT! The best place to carry it is IN your big girls!

Next thing I knew Justin carried her around the corner of the kitchen, Aubrey crying with soaked 'big girls', Justin laughing and confused and the play cell phone....well, you can guess where it was! So needless to say she was not only upset about having a potty accident but also the fact mommy threw away her beloved cell phone! I tried explaining to her that she can't keep a cell phone that has been pottied all over and IN!

The next goal we are working toward by sleeping in our big girl bed all night for the next few days is a NEW TOY CELL PHONE! YAHOO!

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  1. Hilarious story! Loved it! This is one of those classic stories, she will hate having it exposed online for all to read!!