Monday, June 7, 2010

fancy toes

Summer is JUST around the corner! For the next 2 weeks, through June 21st, I am promoting 'Pedi Parties'! Mary Kay has come up with a CUTE CUTE YUMMY Pedicure set. The limited-edition Mary Kay® Pedicure Set gives you all the essentials in a rosemary mint scent. The Relaxing Foot Soak cleanses and refreshes tired feet. The Soothing Foot Balm provides intense moisturization and soothes dry skin. The Foot File/Brush exfoliates and smoothes rough areas on your feet. Mix all of this with satin lips and satin hands... you have yourself a refreshed lady with 'fancy toes'!

If you're interested in doing a 'Pedi Party' with me, you can e-mail at or find me on Facebook!

Don't YOUR feet need a little attention?!

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