Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Firsts....on Saturday

I know it's Saturday, but it STILL counts that I THINK OF and COME UP with what I'm going to say on my Friday Firsts...on Friday! This post is a post of EDUCATION! Be prepared to learn something today! :) This weeks firsts: #1 - Dropped my first NG tube. In the world of nursing, 'dropped' used in this context means 'inserted' - an NG tube is a naso (nose) gastric (stomach) tube inserted through the nose and down the throat to the stomach. In this case to suction any stomach juices that shouldn't be hanging around! Not too bad for a first time 'dropper'! It was successful! - #2 -Set up and ran my first 2 blood transfusions! Not for me...for someone else. - #3 - Shed my first tears over a patient (short hand for 'patient' is PT) Not that my PT passed away...they were in a LOT of pain. - #4 -This morning I downed my first Hazelnut first coffee of the week! (I'm trying not to rely on caffeine to keep me going...but today I HAD to have it!) It's been a busy work week. 5 days down, 1 to go and then a day off! Yes...A DAY...then it's time to hit the floor again! Hope you've learned at least ONE thing new off of here! Leave me a comment and tell me what you learned that you didn't know before! It's can be honest! ;)

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