Monday, April 25, 2011

Birthday memories

SO today is my BIRTHDAY! I know as we get older a lot of us don't like to necessarily celebrate our age. I will admit, I turned 31 today! And have spent much of today reminiscing the past. Past birthdays and the past year of being 30. 30 was VERY good to me! My biggest accomplishment in the year of 30 was graduating Nursing school and landing an RN position! I decided last year on my 30th birthday that I was going to SLOW DOWN in life and ENJOY! My 20's were definitely 'roaring 20's' and flew by faster than I wanted! So I am making it a priority to enjoy every moment, to enjoy friends, to enjoy family and take my time, to not commit to a million things and if it will take away family time or relaxation...perhaps I should re-valuate it!

I have chosen to take today to myself! I have stayed home and organized, cleaned, napped and just sat down to watch a little t.v. Maybe I should have rented a good classic movie...but for me, the peace and quiet, the stillness of the house, the cloudy rainy day outside made for an amazing pajama and nap day!

I have been reminiscing about past birthdays, primarily from my childhood. I wish I could post the pictures I have in my head for you to see from my childhood birthdays! Before I could invite friends, birthday parties were filled with family! It started early in the morning, or the night before. I remember my mom and grandmother sitting in the kitchen boiling potatoes and peeling and chopping pounds of them for home made potato salad! I can hear the sound of the ice cream churning while my parents made their famous home made ice cream recipe! I remember how embarrassed I was to sit in the middle of the room with my cake and candles and everyone singing 'happy birthday' to me! I HATED to be the center of attention! I hated unwrapping the gifts in front of everyone and loved it when someone struck up conversation so that for a split moment their attention would be on someone else. Yes, I am an only child, but my home was filled with 20-30 family members on my birthday. Mom and Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and close family friends sharing laughs, stories, hugs and good times. It's days like today I wish so badly, so much so it makes my heart hurt, that I could go back to those birthday celebrations surrounded by the people who loved me most! Making memories and eating the best home made food on the planet!

Birthday memories as a child are amazing. And today I spend reminiscing all of them!

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