Monday, July 5, 2010

selling frenzy!

It's been a few weeks since I've been on to blog. Summer is filled with activities to keep us busy! All fun stuff, but exhausting! As mentioned in a previous post, we had a week and a half of Extreme Zone Days (Day Camp) with the kids at our church. Once again, a TON of fun, but EXHAUSTING! So last week we took it easy. Aubrey and I went to the pool with a friend and her mommy, then had them over for mac-n-cheese and PBJ. Fancy I know! I've cleaned out more closets and storage totes than I know what to do with! Re-arranged furniture, SOLD furniture and BOUGHT furniture! It's been a productive week!

A friend of ours sparked a MONSTER in us a few weeks ago. She was having a garage sale and invited us to add some of our stuff to her sale. So we unloaded a TON of items at her house and sold most of it! Including furniture! We decided after 9 years of being married and having nice, but mix/match furniture that 'just' worked, it was time for us to find something we could really relax with and enjoy! So we sold both entertainment centers, both t.v.'s, trying to sell the glider rocker and obtain ONE t.v. and ONE comfortable couch! This has added so much space to other rooms in our house! IT'S FABULOUS! I want to CONTINUE to clean and sort and toss and sell and re-arrange to make more space! And it ALL began with a little garage sale! :)

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  1. As the purchaser of on of the TVs I thank you! I'm very much enjoying it! Hope you enjoy your new stuff soon!!