Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ahhhh summer time!

No, this is NOT a picture of us on the lake in our boat. We have a fun little fishing boat, gets us where we need to go, but it's not the sail boat Justin dreams of! This picture just reminds me of what summer is about. FUN & SUN!

It is near the end of July, my summer is almost coming to a close.
I am very sad about that. School will start back up Aug. 23. It's my last semester, I am happy for that, but I love my summer schedule! In May I thought 'I have the ENTIRE summer to play with Aubrey and clean and sort and just relax'. Well, throw in 3 weeks of camps, 1 week of vacation & 4 days of a seminar...that kind of takes care of the fun and relaxation of the ENTIRE summer. But I am trying to enjoy EVERY moment with Aubrey.

She is getting more fun and more personality by the hour! Everyone told me I would LOVE being a parent. I love it more than I thought I would! Even the rough moments are worth loving.

Lately Justin has been getting Aubrey to call me 'chicky mama' and 'mama cita'. So the other day I asked him what EXACTLY 'mama cita' meant, since neither of us are fluent in Spanish, we figured we should figure out what we are telling our child to call me. We found out it means 'hot mama'. I'll take that! :)

Next week is our last week of kids camp. I feel like I'm 10 all over again, getting ready to pack, sneak in snacks and preparing to sweat my tale off!

I love summer. Maybe not the heat and humidity. But the fun, relaxed atmosphere that we all need some times in our life. I wish summer could last longer!

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