Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!

What does this red Geranium,

Plus this yummy cherry chip cake,

Plus this lovely floor lamp have in common?

Grandrich Torchiere Floor Lamp Grandrich Torchiere Floor Lamp

Happy Mother's ME!

Justin put Aubrey in charge of shopping for my gift for mother's day. Or 'mama's day' as she calls it. While I was sleeping after my night shift, Justin and Aub packed up and went into town. While they were checking errands off the list, he asked her what she wanted to get mommy for mama's day? She confidently replied ' a lamp for papa's room'. Papa's room is our guest bedroom where my parents stay when they come to visit. He asked her if I told her that was what I wanted. Nope. After questioning her several times that the lamp was what she wanted, they walked out of the store with the above 3 items. Aubrey selected them herself.

I guess I needed a lamp for Papa's room! However, I
do not recall EVER thinking that or saying anything of the sort. Perhaps we have a future interior designer on our hands!
I DO love cherry chip cake, she selected 'rainbow chip' frosting to complete it. And red Geraniums. These flowers were my grandmother's (my mom's mother) favorite flower! I remember summers as a kid with her car port covered in pots of red geraniums! Sweet memories!


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