Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today's post is named 'firsts'. It should be Friday Firsts, but I am writing it 2 days early due to the fact I WILL be sleeping all day Friday and probably won't be coherent enough to write anything that makes sense!

Below are a few 'firsts' which happened in the past week for our family:

- I have officially and successfully finished my FIRST week of working NIGHTS, 11p.m. - 7a.m.! (Hence the fact I will be asleep Friday) As a nursing school is rare to find a RN position on Days in the specific area you want. If you are a grad who landed a position on days...kudos to you! I am not that fortunate. HOWEVER, I don't mind nights. I am able to stay awake suprisingly well and make sense of my job. Good thing, right?! I am NOT a fan of my completely opposite schedule of my husband and daughter. But, this schedule isn't forever!
Oh yeah...and who ever thought it was OK to call the meal you eat or break you take at 2:00 a.m. 'LUNCH'?! It is NOT is simply a break or a snack! Hello 4th meal.... :(

- First make-up disaster....Aubrey broke into my Mary Kay stash and opened up a brand new, off the shelf, ready for someone elses' face... cream blush. The color pictured above. Smeared it across her forehead, ran into the kitchen and said 'daddy look! I'm beautiful!' His reply? 'Aubrey....where did you find that? is that mommies make-up?!' Her reply...'DON'T TELL MAMA!'
Unfortunately I was in the shower, missed the entire show, but did get to hear 'DON'T TELL MAMA!'. Her face was blush free when I was done stalling and 'pretending' I didn't know what was happening. Justin didn't grab a picture of her either :(

- First screaming and kicking tantrum, courtesy of Aubrey. Yes, this past week has also brought with it a brand new form of misbehaving! Arguing to get your way and when you don't get your way, let's scream, kick and cry! Yes, we are trudging our way through parenthood and childhood dealing with this issue, like any normal family. We have discussed this matter with her, laid ground rules, talked about how it hurts mommy and daddy's feelings etc. etc. So after a few days of being exhausted by this action, Aubrey was being, for lack of better words, an ANGEL yesterday! ALL DAY! I felt like I should be walking on egg shells, wondering when the switch would flip?! IT DIDN'T FLIP! She was wonderful...and wonderful today as well! Since she was so good, we were in downtown Springfield and stopped at this adorable little cupcake shop, so cleverly named 'the Cup'. Delicious little treats awaited us inside. This was Aubrey's FIRST trip to 'the Cup'. I informed her this treat was special because she was being such a nice girl and making good choices etc. She ordered the cupcake with sprinkles and I indulged in the peanut butter and chocolate one. We sat in the chairs by the window and had a fun 15 minute mommy/daughter time eating cupcakes and watching people and cars. She had a LOT of fun! As we were getting in the car, she said to me in an almost 'bossy' type voice 'mama, I have something to tell you....' I thought 'here we go! Good bye SWEET Aubrey....what is she about to say!' I said almost reluctantly 'yes?....' Aubrey: 'You're a GOOD mama!'
Need I say more?!

In the mean time... keep tabs on your family 'firsts' this week!

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