Sunday, February 22, 2009

up with the times?

as of today, 02/22/09 i have entered the world of bloggers! welcome! my plans for this are to do weekly posts, possibly more depending on the week. we'll see how long it lasts....this will be easy for family and friends to keep up with me as well. and just add another thing to my plate...but it's fun and lets my mind run! if you keep up with me you will join the journey of life not only w/ me, but also my wonderful husband, daughter and possibly my horse! i'm excited to write and write and write about ME!


  1. yeah, camille! you'll enjoy blogging. its like therapy. i think its good for the soul to write.
    love you!

  2. Welcome to the "blogosphere"'ll really enjoy blogging :) Teara and I are both subscribed and we added you to our blogroll.