Sunday, February 22, 2009

trying times

two posts in one day?! i can hardly believe it myself! but i have the time, no distractions and my mind is RACING!

the past two weeks have been pretty stressful for us, trying times, i think more for me in a sense. 2 weeks ago a lady rearended justin/aubrey and totalled our car. justin/aubrey were not hurt, his back is still bothering him. although i have been praying for the car to be totalled due to the fact it is an ACCIDENT MAGNET, i didn't want it to happen with aubrey in the car. but it did. the crazy twist to the story? this same lady hit us in the front end 2 years ago in february! SERIOUSLY! her insurance gave us a rental car for a week, so we've spent the last week or so with one vehicle. if any of you are remotely familiar with our is NOT conducive to ONE vehicle. we are making it work, but i am ONE stressed monkey! keeping everything streamlined and on time btwn. the babysitter, school, justin's work and my work schedule...NUTSO! no one is allowed to enter our house except us. i, in my 7 1/2 yrs of being married have never had a house in such disarray...but i am picking and choosing my battles right now. as long as we all have clean socks and underwear, life is grand!

we've been searching for a car and trying to find one somewhere in the middle ground btwn. mine and justin's expectations. he wants a cheap, fairly new, low mile car... i want a tank that can't be scratched by a semi! we're meeting in the middle and i believe on the brink of actually purchasing one hopefully monday.

to add to our week, our pastor announced this week he will be stepping down from his position at our church. he is a wonderful, brilliant man of god! we love him dearly and HATE to see him go. he is taking a different position at our assemblies of god headquarters building... we're excited for his new adventure. but i need to fix my sad attitude toward the situation and know that god is in control. but when you're a pastor on staff and your boss makes for an uneasy feeling!
i know there are ups and downs in life and you take them as they come. this month is one of the 'downs'. we'll take it with our head held high and know, once again, god is in control, he allows for situations that arise to shape us into who we stretch us and make us grow.

on a brighter note, this week in school, my clinical day is wednesday, which means i am AT the hospital from 5:30a.m. - 4:30p.m.! it does feel good to get my day started before the sunrise, i feel more accomplished, but it is a KILLER once 6:00p.m. hits! my body longs for the blanket and pillow. this week i will be in labor and delivery. i have heard horror stories from students, my last instructor for clinicals says she can't work in labor/delivery b/c the one and only time she was in a labor room, the sight of the baby being born made her hit the floor and she doesn't remember anything else, i have also heard students who have cried at the sight of a child being born! it's an amazing happening.... i hope i witness a birth this week!


  1. Glad to see you joined the blogging world. Check out my blog: and view The Write One. Nikki and Alecia are also on my list. I will check this often. So great to be able to catch up with your life. Hugs to your mom and dad!

  2. Wow...what a week! So glad to hear that Aubrey & Justin are ok. We'll be praying for you during the transition at your church.