Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fun sunshades

As many of you know, I've been sharing Mary Kay for a few years now. But at the beginning of August, I took a road trip with a fun bunch of girls to Dallas Texas to attend the annual Mary Kay seminar. At first I was a little skeptical...I thought 'will I really be able to handle thousands of women for 4 days?!' I went with the expectation of GREAT things because when I pulled back into my driveway a week later, I knew I would either turn in all of my inventory and quit or I would buck up and DO something with the company.

Well, a tour through the Headquarters, tour through manufacturing and listening to endless stories of success and encouragement prompted me to move FORWARD with my business. I saw first hand that the Mary Kay company is FULL of compassion and GIVING! That's all they do from the top down! I saw how AMAZING the company is and how PRIVILEGED I am to be a small part of that!

So, these fancy sunshades are a result of me DOING something with my company! I facialed 30 faces in the month of August. Met a lot of new ladies and had SO much fun doing it! My director challenged me and set the reward as a pair of MK Sunglasses. AWESOME! goal is 50 faces! My inspiration is a wonderful lady from the middle of 'no-wheresville' Indiana. A four way stop town surrounded by cornfields. (Sounds like the same town in Indiana where I grew up...but it's not) In one year this amazing woman facialed over 1,000 women! She was front and center on stage at Seminar. I WANT to be front and center on stage! There are so many women for me to meet and share MK with. I love how wonderful and pampered they feel when they are done being 'facialed'!

And NO, I'm not throwing out my Nursing career. MK is my 'vacation', my 'relaxation'. Nursing is and will be at the forefront of my career!

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