Sunday, April 18, 2010

hats off to mothers of twins!

So this weekend, Justin and I had the privilege of hanging out with Josiah, Aubrey's boyfriend, while his parents went on a weekend getaway! We had him for a little over 24 hours and I said to myself a number of times "thank you Jesus for NOT blessing me with twins! I don't know what I would do with TWIN 2 1/2 YEAR OLD kids right now?!" They were nothing but NON-STOP energy the whole time, with the exception of sleeping through the night. They had a blast together. Moments of being sweet, moments of being not so nice to each other and moments of needing each other to be in a separate room for a while to gather their sanity, before running around playing again! It's TRULY entertaining to observe! They love each other and would be lost without one another!

Friday evening Justin pulled them along in the wagon to the park across the street. They were having fun playing and running all over the play equipment...until a nice 4th grade girl came to play....with Aubrey. That was it for Josiah. In a flash he 'caught on' that this OTHER girl was honing in on his woman to play with her and he wanted NO PART OF IT. So, it began with the 'stink eye' for a few moments, followed by a medium level of loud 'thas my Aurey!' Followed by another "thas my AUREY!' on a louder thing I knew Aubrey and this new friend began a chasing game. It was Josiah's agenda to get in the middle of them and STOP her from chasing Aubrey! At the top of his lungs 'THAS MY AUREY!" The girl stopped and looked at him, then back at me. What do you say? I just said "honey, he's only 2 and doesn't understand that you're just playing with her. He's VERY protective of his friend!" She shrugged it off but wanted so DESPERATELY to play with Aubrey. I decided it was probably time to close down the fun time of playing at the park and go home and cook hot dogs. So we did just that. Our new little 4th grade friend was sad, but Josiah was happy he got away with his woman!

Josiah and Aubrey are best buds....I'm just happy they both didn't come from me and that Josiah has his own mommy and daddy, and we just have ONE 2 1/2 year old to keep up with!


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  1. try twins and a three year old!!!! life is cRaZy!!!!!