Tuesday, March 2, 2010

like mama, like daughter...

2 years ago I took up the fun business of selling Mary Kay. I don't do it for the Cadillac and I don't pester you about the product. I do it simply because I love the product and have used it since I was about 16....thank you Mom! My view is 'you know I have it, if you love it and need, you will let me know', otherwise, I let it go. It's fun to meet new women and practice my love of art and color on their beautiful faces.

With that being said, Aubrey has seen her share of mommy and make-up. Below you will find her carrying out what she sees on her little friend Martha. Who by the way was her first client. Mommy and Daddy don't count! :)

Thanks Martha for being such a beautiful little model!

1 comment:

  1. Martha loved being Aubrey's makeup model. She'd like to make an appointment with Aubrey when she's available for a full makeover. Just call her on her cell. :)